27 May 2012

I was working really hard these past 2 weeks

Complaining is not a virtue.
It's  not.
But...it is fun,
well, not fun, but sometimes you just gotta do it.
You know what I mean.
I don't like to do it here, to you,

 but my sisters are so far away
and I don't have a phone
and I want to moan and complain.
I want to gripe right now about things that don't really matter,
like being away from home.
My house is annoying, usually dirty, loud from the neighbors
and not a thing in the whole place works properly.
But it is heaven compared to here.
At least for me.
This place has air-conditioning (hate it) that you can't turn off,
windows you can't open, 
no fridge, so my wine is warm,
no coffee,
no chairs that don't make me slouch.
No table to put lap-top on, so it is making my lap-hot.
And my posture worse.
No mean kitty scratching me raw.
No daughter rolling her eyes.
Nothing comfortable.
I sound like an ingrate! 
You all know I am not... ungrateful.
I am just here on business. 
Frida business.

I was working really hard these past 2 weeks.
For an art gallery.

Frida things.
my patron santa.
You know,
I am counting my blessings more than I am griping...

I always am.

Just wish I was home.

Make some Happy Memories this weekend.


  1. oooooooooooh....I love your Frida goodies. :) Go ahead and complain. I'll listen. Whine your little heart out. Sip that awful warm wine (bleck!) and curse your a/c! I hope you'll be headed home soon. I think it's so cool that you are working for an art gallery, and getting your wonderful work seen. Congrats to you! xox

  2. Oh there's no place like home! As we learned from Dorothy.

    I love your Frida pieces...they are so rich and special. How cool that you are doing some work for a gallery...but I hope you can say goodbye to the bad accommodations soon!

    I'm putting the finishing touches on Kim's book so I can get it in the mail to you before I leave on vacation. Even though I am off to see my family who I love, I hate to leave home!!! I'm already dreading leaving. So I can relate to your story.


  3. Your home sounds a lot like mine- nothing works properly there either- but dysfunctional or not, it is MINE and I love it! Your Frida work is amazing and I know you'll do well at your gallery- this too shall pass and you'll be home before you know it!

  4. Aw, we all love home.

    I don't have a fridge either. Mine broke down on Tuesday. New one was delivered today but it didn't even make it off the lorry owing to the fact it only had 3 feet...

    It's the hottest week of the year here too.

    There, I moaned some to keep you company!

  5. oooh, closing my eyes and clicking my heels together!!! Wishing you home soon..my sweet friend. As everyone has said, there is nothing like the smell and feel of home! Now I am going to have to sneak over to Maggie's blog and see if there is a spoiler alert coming .... :)

    I am always in awe of your work. The sacrifices we make!! I know your trip will be worth it all, inspite of warm wine, no coffee?,
    stinky air and no cush cush chairs!
    Where in the heck are you girl?

    Congrats on the art gallery and when you come home, chill your wine, open your windows, kiss your babies, and relax, do share..!!

    Miss you!


  6. Complain all you want. Your work is truly beautiful. Looks better and better each time. Wishing you comfort very soon!

  7. Even though it is miserable not to be home, doing Frida business for an art gallery sounds like a wonderful opportunity. Hope you tell us more.


  8. No COFFEE?? I'd be going ballistic about time I finished the question. I admit, I love AC, but mine turns off, as does most everything else. I have a dysfunctional home (at least parts of it are), but it is home. And home is where you'll find me this Memorial Day! I hope your memories turn into enjoyable ones before this event is over!

  9. I am in love with your Frida's!! Just remember Lisa all you have to do is click your heels together three times saying "there's no place like home, there's no place like home" and soon you'll be there and the AC and no fridge will just be a memory.....

  10. missing home is a reasonable complaint... bet your Frida business goes well...enjoy and at least you have vino to drink!! xo

  11. I Agree with you on air conditioning.... Yuk! But i am embarrassed to admit I LIKE warm wine! Hope you can get home to your comfortable imperfection soon!

  12. Hey sometimes venting a little is entirely necessary! In fact I think you're sounding extremely reasonable considering everything you have to put up with. Warm wine and ... I can hardly bear to type it ... NO coffee!?! (shudders with horror)

    I LOVE your Frida pieces, and I'm sure they'll do well in the gallery, so hopefully the stint away from home will be worthwhile for you.

    Hope you're soon back with all your home comforts - in the meantime I could always try and Fedex a flask of coffee over...? x

  13. no wonder i have been missing you so much!
    get on home little darling!

    in the mean time...even in difficult surroundings, you are radiant in beauty!


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