08 June 2012

Haiku my Heart♥

I have been lax with my blogging...
writing and visiting.
But not in spirit...you are never far from my thoughts.
I cherish each of you.
I took a picture of Mia in this vintage t-shirt
a couple days ago, knowing I would use her for  haiku.

Dance, baby girl, dance.
And, pain makes you beautiful.
Broken toes still dance.

Shine, baby girl, shine.
Yes, pain makes you beautiful.
Broken spirits mend.

Now you see my inspiration for my paintings.

Visit Rebecca at http://www.corazon.typepad.com/
and meet some beautiful spirits.
♥♥♥, Lisa


  1. such loving haiku ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

    ps. beautiful art

  2. This whole post is just awesome. Inspiration indeed. The children seem to hold that magic, don't they.
    Don't worry about neglecting us. I've been doing the same thing. I mimic your words as far as thinking of my blogging artful friends. Rain and snow will come and we'll be sequestered near the screen in due time. For now, gotta stay busy at other stuff. We all totally understand .

    Much Peace

  3. Your daughter is indeed a beautiful inspiration.


  4. Beautiful. Deeply and simply beautiful. Wow.

  5. She's lovely...quite a muse....I love dance, particularly ballet, as a 'spectator sport', and I appreciate the agony dedication to dance can bring

  6. A lot of truth in that. Nice one.

  7. Beautiful Haiku,
    Beautiful Daughter.

  8. ANd a beautiful inspiration she is!

  9. She is so beautiful! You words fit in well!

  10. My best moments of growth have come from painful moments.

  11. Pain is something that most of us do not wish to have as even a fleeting acquaintance, let alone as a friend.

    Whispering God’s Name

  12. Mia is gorgeous. I can see how she is your inspiration. What a lovely young lady and an incredible haiku. Even the photos are a work of art!!

  13. i love how you draw us in...
    mysterious shot from behind,
    and your mother love words, setting the stage for beauty to turn around and steal all our hearts!


  14. Beautiful indeed!

    A wise woman knows when she needs to take time for herself .. and she takes it!

    Enjoy... every second is golden!!


  15. And what an inspiration she is. Your daughter is such a beautiful woman. Each time you post a photo of her I am taken by her presence and her mystery. She must have gotten them from her mom.

  16. Beauty in words, beauty in photos, beauty in life! Love this post!

  17. Touching words, and Mia is a beautiful inspiration!

  18. our mother's hearts break when our children are in pain. your words are beautiful as is your daughter. take some time yourself. mothering takes a lot of love as well as receives love.

  19. thank you for stopping by to visit my blog and your sweet comments. it made my day :)

  20. Your life is beautiful my friend, you, your daughter, your art!! Keep on being beautiful.....

  21. Beautiful Post Sweet Lisa! And A Beautiful Babygirl Too! I Relate To Getting Things Done As Necessary. When The Weather Is As Lovely As Its Been..We Must Take Advantage. Hope The Move Went Well. Sending You A Big Ole Hug And A Slice Of Georgia Sunshine, Terri

  22. What a beautiful haiku and even more beautiful baby girl. I hope she is mending, whatever may be broken.

  23. wow!! can't take my eyes off her Lisa ... she is such a beauty! and man ... i can so feel your haiku ... being a former dancer *sigh*

  24. Yes, so beautiful - the haiku and your muse!


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