06 June 2012

I am as strange...

Stephanie's Art Book arrived and
it was so beautiful I didn't know what to do.
Stephanie wants to see what inspires me.
So I did what I do...draw pictures to color.
A picture of me, 
my beloved Mary,
My admired Frida.
This photo, well, it's the best I can do...

'The Faces of Eve" 

I wanted to show the blessing of Mary on us all with the blue in our hair.
The pear instead of an apple.
Women are not scorned...they are honored in my art.

I know I repeat myself, in my art and
in my words.
But repetition is good for the soul.
Repetition, if you love what you are doing,
is pleasant, comforting and
I painted this...after playing in Stephanie's book:

I copy myself all of the time...
I don't think it's a bad thing to practice, practice, practice.
copy, copy,copy.
learn, learn, learn.
Every time I copy myself, I am pleased.
And when I honor Frida
She is more than pleased.  
She loves her green eyes,
her quote,
her earring from Picasso,
her hair bow, 
her hair undone. 

I AM...

Constantly considering 
Love for another
and love for One'self.

Someday, I will be brave.
To people that scare me.


  1. Ooh, a little sneak peek in a sketch book for me - I've been avoiding most, but couldn't resist today! Now I so can't wait to see this in the 'flesh' when it makes it round my way!! Have you had mine yet? I think I'm due yours next - can't wait!!

  2. Copying yourself is totally not a bad thing, especially when you are doing something so right!

  3. constantly considering love.... who could ask for more? xoxox

  4. Oh WOW, gorgeous, gorgeous- GORGEOUS-NESS! I feel like you were reading my heart with the words you wrote. Thank you for your art and words- what a treasure we are creating with our books!
    P.S. I feel like I need to apologize for the wonky way my book is put together- I wanted you guys to get an idea of how everyone's art will look put together while also being able to work with worrying about the other ladies' art....

  5. You do what you do so well so why on earth would you change it? I really like the page with the three of you.


  6. You never cease to amaze me.
    You can paint Mary and Frida and do self portraits until the cows come home and each one will be a unique and fresh mesterpiece.

  7. This is a great post Lisa, and the new painting of Frida.....LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!

  8. Sometimes it is more valuable to be smart rather than brave; so maybe you do not always have to stand up to people who scare you - just acknowledge that they have the power to scare you, but you have the power to capture such beautiful powerful innocence in your feminine ishta devata. Have a look at my Innocence card in the soulcollage series I am doing on The Path of Divine Love - you will recognize some of the elements. blessings to you, Hettienne

  9. Lisa gorgeous is all I can say. It is like the three Mary's. Mary you, Mary Mary, and Mary Frida. I did my Mary Magdalene finally - it's on my blog. You were my muse and inspiration....

  10. Lisa I love your painting, I love your words and I love your perspective on the world - all 3 are inspiring to me!

    Your trio of strong women is beautiful. The self-portrait especially has such a gentle strength and vulnerability about it.

    Some themes and ideas are very worthy of repetition. I can't wait to see this in person :)

  11. 'Constantly considering' love is always giving it the chance it deserves.
    And bravery comes with confidence!

  12. Wise words for one so young. The pictures you created for Stephanie are so you and I know she will treasure them forever!

  13. Lisa - your art, heart & soul are all divine! I barely made myself give up your journal & send onto Lisa W cause I wanted to keep it :-)

    Thanks for organising this swap & I'm truly humbled that you invited me to join all you wonderful artists. And very glad you did :-)

    I hope you like what I did in your journal. There are some photos on my blog post although the textures are best appreciated in reality.

    Kat Xx

  14. Wow! Splendid. Repetition is good. We learn from it. All beautiful, as are you.


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