10 July 2012

Where I have been...

See this house?  We bought it June 14th at auction.
Anyone who knows me, knows I have the worst neighbor in the whole entire universe.
I have lived in my house for 20 years, raised my kids here,
assumed I would die here...after Leo moved out, and I retired from bar-tending,
I finally had 
Priti Studio.
But the neighbors...and the cops made us bid on a house at auction.

I have been working like crazy ever since.

I even forgot to mention...
(well, actually, I promised I wouldn't)
but I am an abusive mama...
Mia won the Talent Show on June 9th. I am proud.
She is embarrassed.
But you will love to watch :D

The prize was 2 tickets to Hershey Park...bleah bleah.
and this trophy...

I have more to report,
and extra prayers to say...
for IMGirl, my friend, my sister, Kim.
Why the heart problems?
You all will be fine, just keep believing,
and dreaming...
and making those dreams come true!
(even if it seems selfish)
It's good for your heART.

I will show you all the work I have been doing...to prove I am not idle :)
But I keep forgetting the damned camera!
Please don't forget me!
But if you do....
I'll win you back.
Cuz I am nice.
And on account of the Mafioso...

PS: special thank you to my friend Joe the Spado Man,
visit him
he is so kind, and interesting and enlightened...and
I bet he loves spaghetti :)
Joe, thank you. ♥


  1. Lisa!!!!! That's a cutie of a house! I hope you all are happy there and have good neighbors.

    Mia......OMG girl.....you rock!!!

  2. Lisa, so good to see you post on your blog! Your always awesome and so is your daughter, congrats on all your battles and competitions won! Your both superstars! Glad you got away from bad neighbours! Loads of love! Julie

  3. Prayers and good positive thoughts sent in your direction to be used where needed, for your sister, for your new home, for anything. Take what you need and pass the rest on.
    Mia's movements are fabulous! Just to remember what to do next is astonishing to me, let alone actually dancing. Congratulations on winning the contest.
    Thanks for the mention, but I am really just so proud to display your art work. Thanks again for allowing me the honor.
    I don't think I'd worry about being forgotten. (But I know a few people too). Can you say cement shoes? Chicago River?

    Much Peace

  4. Oh I LOVE your house, you can tell from the front it has SOUL- how fun to get to create a new home! And yes, yes a lot of WORK but exciting too! I hope you'll share pictures when you guys are all settled!
    'Grats to Mia for a well deserved win!
    Stephanie P.S. Can't wait to see the art you've been doing.....

  5. Wow, Lisa! That is a lot of change! I hope your new home brings to to a peaceful, creative place. So wonderful that a path has opened itself for you in this way.
    I share your love for Joe! He is so dear to me as well.
    Sending big big love your way, beautiful Momma!

  6. yea! what a darling house. and you were right, I did love watching her, such a talented beauty! xox

  7. Oh, this house is amazing!! I'm so happy you can say goodbye to your terrible neighbors. Well, I hope you don't even say goodbye, they don't deserve it. It looks like a charming neighborhood too. Congratulations! and I'm wishing you many happy years here! (You aren't by any chance closer to me now, are you??)

    Mia is so graceful and fabulously talented. And not to mention, gorgeous! It must have been difficult to dance on the grass where the surface is not perfectly even. Congrats to her for winning...I enjoyed watching her dance. She knows her mama loves her, which is why you HAD to post the video! LOL!


  8. Oh my goodness! I'm so happy for you and can imagine how delighted you are to move. Now can we see some pictures of the inside?

    No need to send the Mafioso for me, I check here every day, I'm patient like that :-)


  9. Your daughter is very graceful and talented. I loved seeing the video of her. No wonder she won. Congratulations on Mia and also on the purchase of your new home. I'm sure you will decorate it in Priti Lisa fashion. I only replied so you don't send the mafioso out after me in Virginia! LOL.

  10. As soon as i saw your new home I felt really good vibes and not just from the home but from the surrounding area and people too. You will all thrive here I am sure. Your daughter is a treasure to be proud of. With love always, Donna

  11. OmG! I'm so happy for you. You deserve It. I remember you talking about your neighbors. Well Congratulations are in order for you getting a new house and for your lovely daughter.
    Good luck with the move. Mine just about killed me. So much to do.

  12. Hi Lisa. Good to see you. Oh my, Maya is really very good. Congrats to her and congrats to you and your family on your new home. It looks like a great home. I love it!! Oh please keep us updated as to where your "studio" will go. I know you will have one area your work place. I'm excited for you. Congrats again and ::hugs:: to you.

  13. MIA!!!!! You are simply amazing. What an amazing athlete you are, and so graceful! No wonder Mama is so proud. :) And Lisa - the house is adorable. xo

  14. lisa!! i am so happy for you! this house looks (and feels) marvelous! and i *did* love watching your daughter!

    love to you...

  15. Hello Beauty! WOW, you have been up to quite A LOT! Great house...and so good an unfortunate incident (or two?) turned out well!

    Your girl is lovely--I love her hair (just like mine)! Where are you located by the way? I am here in PA for a year...maybe one of these days I'll pass you by :)

  16. Congratulations to you both - to Mia on her win and to you on a very charming new place away from horrid neighbours.

    I hope you are very happy there.

  17. Woo hoo lovely new house. It has a great vibe - I can feel it from here :)

  18. Lisa,Yay! LOVE your new house.
    It looks homey already. After you move in I know it will be even more charming!!!Congratulations all around. To Mia for all of her amazing accomplishments. I love Spadoman too and IMA girl and all of da mob-stars.
    I never forget...

  19. Wow! Mia is quite the talented dancer! What a doll she is. You must be sooooo proud :)

    Congratulations on your new house!!! I can't wait to see more pictures of it. Do you have a studio planned for it? So happy for you! xxx Jaime

  20. Ah, Congratulations on buying that absolutely adorable house. I can see what fun it will be to make it your own and we all know you will. It is perfectly charming.

    Also, Mia is a BEAUTIFUL dancer! She had me mesmerized from start to finish. She's such a lovely young lady. I know you are so proud of her. Tell her I said so and Congratulate her on winning the Talent Show for me. I can see why she won.

    Oh and no one could ever forget your sweet self, silly.

    Best wishes for an easy sell on your existing home. If you need any tips or tricks let me know. I sold mine in 3 days.


  21. OH Lisa this is awesome great news how exciting for you!!!!! Year. I can see this is a new fun thing in your life. Hugh five sister!!!

  22. i sense peace and calm on your precious home front. i am so happy for you and yours.
    i think there are morning glories and sunflowers in your future!
    and mia? i sense the moon and the stars in hers!
    welcome to your brave beautiful new you!

  23. Congrats on all the great news! Beautiful house and beautiful daughter!

  24. LOVE the house, Lisa! I pray you have many happy years in it and that you have wonderful neighbours. You deserve it!

  25. LISA,
    BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! for Mia! Beautiful and talented, like her mom!
    Thank you for your concern and encouraging words!
    I AM A TERRIBLE PATIENT! But I don't want to go there again so I am making some changes to help myself be a much healthier and happier person.


    I think we may ours sold soon.
    Recovering and trying to be good.
    Making a list of stuff to take off my plate... I am ready to back peddle a little and get back to simple things.

    Congrats again to both of you!

  26. What a lovely house - I bet you're thrilled! Congrats to Mia - she's a brilliant dancer!

  27. Wow, Mia is such a talented expressive dancer - no wonder she won & now wonder you're a proud Mum :-)!! (also liked the music she danced to, what was that? sounds familiar...)

    Your new house looks beautiful. Hope all the sorting & stress has eased now & you're getting settled.

    And - you can never be forgotten no matter if you've not blogged as much.

    Kat Xx

  28. LIsa, we can't forget you.

    And, THIS is one of the most delightful things I've seen for days!!!

  29. I am over the moon happy for you about the new house! YAAAY!!!!!

    Mia is such a doll and congrats to her for her talent!

    Sending Love!

  30. it looks fantastic on the outside too! awww.... this is so exciting :) and my ... Mia is so pretty now, like a young lady!


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