24 August 2012

Haiku my Heart♥

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Rebecca's Blog, lots of amazing, talented people are there.

The days go by much too quickly...
if it's true that you die when your done living,
I'll be around for at least 100  more years.

Look who we found while out walking.

I guess he was done living.

Much Love to All!

PS: Do you like my blog this way? Or is it difficult?


  1. Hi Lisa, good to see you. Ciao to the beautiful creature and yes I hope you continue to live 100 years more. Yes, your blog is different. Serena has her blog like this. I have to be honest and say I like your other one better, because it seemed to pop out and grab you in, but as long as you are here on this one, I'm okay with it. Just my thoughts. I've missed seeing your posts, but we have all been busy this summer. ::hugs:: Thx. for stopping by my ppf.

  2. It is just different... I have resisted it, because I love my blog logo, but it does look cool... lovely dragon fly even if he is croaked... xox

  3. Ah, weeds, don't remind me :-)
    Nice one.

  4. There you are! Since I haven't caught any of your posts lately, I figured you were busy working on that new house of yours..but no..here you are writing Haiku and walking in your garden. Hope you are having the summer of your life with your new home.

  5. Love photo presentation of a great haiku ~ (A Creative Harbor) ~ blog is looking good ~

  6. Great presentation of a lovely nature haiku ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  7. There's nothing like walking in the garden for a break from painting. If I could have such a peaceful pretty life! Have a great weekend.

  8. At least the Buddha is laughing... love how you shared that haiku... so glad you found the dragonfly after his last flight... and may we all have such passion to keep us living each day as if it were a hundred years...

  9. I keep thinking about weeds too, that's the trouble I only think LOL, perhaps I'll find a dragon fly should I venture into the undergrowth!

    Love this post always presented originally whatever the backdrop. x

  10. So sweet, i love the haiku and photo, hope you enjoyed the garden this day! That dragonfly is precious! Will you Paint him?

    As long as you asked... It is harder for me to navigate around since you changed, i d on't know if it's just me or not. Why did you change? I love the look of i t but clicking seems to take longer.

  11. I love how you wrote your haiku on a piece of paper and took a photo that way... may you live a hundred years!!!


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