31 August 2012

Haiku my Heart♥

Harmony is just
letting go, being yourself...
what God intended.

 This is how I spent my time yesterday...
replanting a sensitive plant
and repainting a piece of garbage.

a sensitive plant folds her leaves when you touch her...
I thought of them as pure magic when I was a kid...
and I still do.

a piece of garbage opens its arms to you
full of possibility...pure magic.

one backless chair found in the alley
one pot from the second-hand store
one plant from the hippies at the farmer's market
potting soil
a sunny August afternoon.

Thank you Rebecca for making Fridays fun.
Please visit
recuerda mi corazon
for more haiku.

Have a happy weekend,


  1. Garbage? I think not. Never was either. You saw it as a place to create. I love the image. Your plant is one of God's miracles, as all plants and natural things are. Love the Haiku and the reference to letting go. Letting go of what we don't need and sharing the rest with mankind.

    Much Peace Ms. Lisa

  2. Trash is always the best to create on...if it doesn't work out...it was trash anyway!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. That plant... ohmy... I know only the DUtch name but I was amazed and stunned by it when I was a little girl. My mom said I could touch it only twice a day, too much would make it die. That made it even more special - it became a ritual in the morning to 'greet' and at night to say 'goodnight'... aah, happy memories. LOVE the chair too, it will be happy with its second life!

  4. ...letting go ~ being yourself ~wise haiku ~ lovely painting on old chair ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  5. That was quite the day ! How beautiful. I just imagine you there, touching your sensitive plant and happily creating magic from your garbage find. Love that !
    Sending you big, big love, My Beautiful Lisa !

  6. Lovely Lisa... being in this flow, taking something passed over by another and making magic, beauty, and purpose for you and us all to enjoy! Thank you!

  7. Your August afternoon ingredients are delightful...just the kinds of things that I would also be drawn to...ripe for their new incarnations! Very cool!

  8. you've done wonders with your found 'garbage'....I haven't seen a sensitive plant since I was in Jamaica - gotta find me some hippies!

  9. Awesome ... you have painted that chair so wonderfully and the way you have crafted your haiku along with it ... leaves me speechless.

  10. To let go and just be, following your heart where it leads you, a perfect day. What great art you made,your painting,gardening and artful photography. Contentment.LOVE

  11. Love the pot and the sweet little plant that you've enjoyed since childhood. What a wonderful thing to bring to your new home. I like what you did with that little backless chair.


  12. There really is no trash as long as we have such beautiful openness to what it can become!

  13. Making treasures from trash is one of my favorite things to do :)
    This is beautiful!

  14. Letting go, being yourself.... How lovely, just as lovely as your day sounds! I have always loved those plants too, but i'm afraid we killed ours last time i had one... Must have been too much touching.

  15. I can finally comment! YAY! Love your new art piece. You are always so inspiring, Lisa. THank you for that! xox

  16. What a creative posting! Love your delicate touch with both pieces ~ pure magic surely flows through you as well!

  17. you know i used to be so diligent in answering each haiku i possibly could early friday mornings before going to the studio and finish the rest that evening on my return. last week i did not even manage that...health being the challenge.
    today i am especially enjoying visiting everyone on saturday with the added delight of reading all the kind comments left by everyone before me!
    loving your beauty and the joy you bring in your creations to all.
    i am feeling as blessed as your newly potted plant, your resurrected chair!

  18. Okay..so I'm thinkin' I might have finally figured out how to navigate my comments now. :)) I hope this goes thru sweet Lisa. Just wanted to drop by and thank you for visiting me earlier. What a heartfelt message... I truly feel so blessed to have you as my friend. And Hey..I'm lovin' what you did with that discarded chair! My husband always tells me I can take the oldest, wildest thing out there, and make it beautiful. Now I can pass that onto you. Truly a lovely job! And the planting..well yes, delicate and yes again on magical. It's been so hot here in Middle Georgia this summer till when I lost most of my young plantings early on(Heatwave) I didn't replace them. Just kept things minimal for the first time in ages. Didn't stay that way long though, my husband moved most of his woodworking mess into what was once my flower area out back. Told me each time he made the biggest mess..that the "heat" didn't bother him in the least. Guess my complaints didn't either. :)) Sending you a hug of love and Georgia Sunshine This Glorious Sunday Mornin', Terri

  19. What a triptych, harmony pot, sensitive plant, painted backless chair - all beautiful together

  20. Love it. You are the master of turning plain things into beautiful art!!!!!!!

  21. Wow..love what you did to the old chair! Such beautiful sentiments accompany your plant and chair..


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