25 August 2012

Hello beautiful friends!
Today I am sharing the pages I worked on in my friend 
Lisa Wright 's Art Journal.

Lisa is the girl with a pen and a paintbrush,
a freelance writer,
so I thought a Patron Saint of Writers would be perfect for her book.

The perfect quote...

And then, a little handmade book tucked in a gossamer pocket...

Since there are 8 of us working on this project
I always add 8 of something...
this time 8 quotes about writing.

I spent more hours than I thought on this book,
the time flew because I was having so much fun.
The book will be returning to England,
but it has 2 more stops to make before it is back in Lisa's hands.

Just in case you didn't know,
Lisa was just published in this magazine.

It's a super cool e-mag and a bargain...just $5!
This issue is all about Kindness...what could be better/

Have a fantastic weekend,


  1. Wow this so sweet! What a great idea. You are brilliant.

  2. How perfect for Lisa! Patron saint of writers. I love that you added a wonderful quote and the tiny little book with 8 more in it. So sweet. Only 2 more to go? Wow it seems as though we only started 3 months ago. I cannot wait for the next one. When will you be sharing the idea/theme for it? I eagerly await. :)
    Love and hugs,

  3. Beautiful Lisa! I love her hair on this. Your hand printing looks fabulous just like normal.

    I really like your new look here on your blog. Sorry I haven't been by in a while, life has been trying lately. I'll be moving my blog to Wordpress soon, I hope you'll follow me Sistah!

  4. Oh this is so incredible! I love all the layers to it and how PERFECT for the other Lisa! I LOVE it!

  5. Wonderful pages, the little quote book is just perfect! The whole is very charming!

  6. These layers are wonderful Lisa!

    Happy Weekend!

  7. How perfectly beautiful and so theme thoughtful.
    Your work always thrills me and I am so proud to have your work in my book with so many gorgeous pages of art from this round robin. I too hate for it to end but I can't wait to touch and hold my book and see all the treasures
    Lisa will love this!
    All beautiful and the little book is the cherry on top!

  8. This is brilliant. Love that you chose to do Patron Saint of writers for Lisa. The Plath quote is perfect of course. What beautiful books you will all have to treasure.

  9. Beautiful Lisa...love the new site...new to me at least, I have not been 'round visiting too often lately.

    hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  10. First, I want to say that the collage of images on your home page are totally awesome!!!
    That said, I love the idea of patron saints for all things, and yours is wondeful. I am in awe of all you writers and artists who make artbooks - they are such magic!

  11. How gorgeous!! Her eyes are absolutely hypnotic. And I ADORE that little book, fabulous touch and perfect for Lisa W :) x

  12. just wonderful work, and i adore the shot that looks as though she is reading the little book... yes, perfect for Lisa, dear Lisa!!

  13. Cool cool!!! Writing is prayer - art is prayer - each breath is a prayer. you are beautiful. And LOL my horses and jack asses are just fine. you can take a tour on my latest blog post!!!

  14. Wow!! What gorgeous pages. Perfect for Lisa W! A writer for the Wright(er).


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