09 August 2012

I must be indestructible!

Since moving didn't kill me, nothing can!
I still am working on the new house,
but at least we are out of the old one and the 'For Sale' sign is up.
I have pictures for you of my painting...
just walls for the last 6 weeks.
the living room walls

This was a 4 step project, like doing a REALLY big canvas background.
I also got the hallways and the stairs painted.

Mother of Mercy
the first piece of art I hung.

the sun room before

and after.

I just took this picture before I sat down to write...see Pooh Bear?

This is the dining room before...
That green carpet was everywhere, but underneath...
beautiful pine floors.
My dad was lots of help with removing the carpet,
then he shined up the floors.
Then we started moving our crap in...floors need done again:)

I painted the dining room,
but we don't have any furniture yet.
Isn't this phone cozy the best?
I want to make it a little wall shrine,
but for now our vintage phone is sitting there.

the color is copper penny
 Pretty, metallic paint that glows differently in every light.
Worth the 4 coats of paint, I think.

This is the kitchen before...

I took down the wallpaper, painted and I laid a new floor.
I still have work to do here.
The back splash and the counter top mainly.

the color is 'Swim'

This is Deb's bedroom.
I don't have a before picture.

the color is 'Molten Penny'
 another metallic.

My room looked like this before...

and now it looks like this...

Sigh...still a WIP.
Kinda like the cobbler's barefoot children.
Pooh likes it though.

 Mia is back from France!

And Leo is 22!

And I am going to get back to my blogging habit!
I have missed you all!
*Thank you Gemma, for the house warming present*
An amazing stack of very useful cigar boxes!


  1. wow!! the new home is gonna be great!! i just know it!! you've already stamp Lisa.D on those walls :)
    i love moving, cos it's like renewing energy. have fun!! xoxoxo

  2. I love all the color on the walls. Your new house is so happy to have you there. :) And France! Wow! And adorable kids and adorable kitty! Life, she is good! xox

  3. It's already looking great....so happy for you! Love your choice of wall colors!

  4. oh my you have been so hard at work, no wonder we have not heard from you, how lovely your new home is! beautiful hardwoods and the vintage phone is just perfect on the books! leave it !! xox

  5. my gosh, you have been busy!! i'm very impressed - *everything* is gorgeous now. the house is just so darn sweet!! that phone nook and the molding around the windows and floors - just to mention two things!

    you are totally forgiven for not blogging more...


  6. My bags are packed, which room is mine? Seriously, I LOVE what you have done and all your colors! Plus you are like the energizer bunny my friend.. so much in such a short time. Just gorgeous, everything! Your entrance and painting is the "ahh moment" of walking into your peaceful home!


  7. Oh Lisa, I love what you are doing with your new house. May you have many, many wonderful years there! BLESSINGS!

  8. How wonderful!!! The colors you have chosen are lovely and what a bright and beautiful home. Wishing you many many years of happy there!

  9. Inspiring!! gotta get to work on m y own home....but have been here for 20 years, and hard to find the walls!

  10. You have really transformed the house and made it YOURS. What a fabulous journey you are on.


  11. It's so exciting to look around your new home. You've done a fab job with all those lush colours. I wish you every happiness there :)

  12. I left you this whole comment and then Blogger had a glitch. Anyway as I was saying I love your walls, your beautiful Mary first art up, as I wowed aloud my hubby wanted to know what was up - I said "look what Lisa has done" he said wow too. Love the blue swim wall I have turquoise cabinets in my kitchen. Keep going you are doing a most excellent job!! Best wishes on your new abode. Lots of love and artsyness too.

  13. I love what you are doing with your house. You are so brave with color. I love color but am kind of inhibited. I don't really get it but there you are. Pooh Bear looks very comfy in his hiding place.

  14. What an incedible undertaking moving always is! You've already done great things and no doubt, in a couple of months you'll really have it whipped into shape! We bought our little 1926 eight years ago this month and have done tons of work, with almost as much to go...but the fun things are left, not the necessary ones! Have fun with it...and I look forward to seeing more of your posts soon!

  15. Moving and redoing is sooo much work, but fun, no wonder you haven't painted art lately! I hope you have many happy times in your new house!

  16. Ooh what a lovely house! You've definitely put the "Priti" stamp on it Lisa! The colours are fabulous - so warm and inviting, and the perfect backdrop for your art too. Love the turquoise with the warm copper shades - one of my favourite colour combinations.

    PS Happy birthday Leo and welcome back Mia :)

  17. I just discovered you and other angels of Mary this week. I love your decorating abilities.


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