14 September 2012

Haiku my Heart♥

 Our Lady whispers
Sit with me, dream in haiku
Surrender is sweet.

For more Haiku visit Rebecca's blog:

Nani's kitchen chair
oops paint

This chair has so many layers of paint
a new layer from every home.
olive green
I used a chartreuse color
and sanded to reveal each color that came before.

Now, this project was not on my looong list
of things that need doing,
but I did it anyway.
A girl needs to have fun sometimes.

I also stripped and stained and fancied our front door.

See the pierced heart milagro?
A gift from Gemma when she went to Mexico with Rebecca.
I was waiting for the best most special place...
I think I found it.

Look at the lovely patina on the hardware. 

Have a wonderful weekend,
Love to you all ♥Lisa


  1. ...our lady whispers... ~ surrender is sweet ~ very inspirational haiku ~ Love the chair and door ~ well done ~ and love the milagro ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  2. you are a dynamo...lovely work all around - haiku, chair, doors, etc.....you're very very talented...

  3. Surrender is indeed sweet. Nice one.

  4. I knew I was going to love everything you were inspired to create in your new home. I especially love the idea that you left sanded down layers of paint from each residence that you lived on that wonderful chair. What an amazing thing to do! I know you must be so happy as you settle in to create more and more art and heirlooms Lisa.

  5. be still my heart!!!
    love that you left every layer of memory through the colours of each home. truly a perfect chair in the house of belonging! and gemma's heart from san miguel which i know is infused with all the brave "blooming" we shared together. i adore the way you created the retablo around the sweet window in your welcoming door.
    please email me so i can get the exact measurements of this little gem of a window, i would be honored to make a stained glass window to fit within this sacred altar of love and welcome you home each and every day!


  6. I paused before your lady for a much needed rest of the mind, sweetly I surrendered to her glance, am ready to visit other haiku my hearts now! x

  7. You had me at the picture of the paint-layered chair, the Virgin of Guadalupe, the revival of it all! I LOVE all the different paints from each owner, as well as the color you picked, while not diminishing the others. YES! A girl needs to have fun sometimes, and I see that we do it in much the same way. Love your door, as well - gorgeous post!

  8. Hi Lisa. Good to see you. I love that you are enjoying your new home. Your door looks great. Love it all. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. You are a fabulous and very creative artist. I love thew chair, the door, the mirror, all of it, and I love the haiku. You fill the page with a wonderful creative spirit. I can only dream.

    Much Peace sent to you dear friend

  10. Oh Lisa, I love seeing what you are doing to your new home... and that chair and the layers and layers, the people who have sat there, the stories told that live in the wood and colors revealed... I will sit down and dream haiku with you... Thank you Lisa!

  11. Your post is full of colour today, fabulous! I LOVE how you name 'solitude' as an ingredient... i think it's the most important ingredient for creating.

  12. Blogger is giving me trouble today with comments, it took my last try away i believe.... I'll try again to remember what i said..... I love your comforting inviting chair! And I agree surrender is sweet, i wish it wasn't so hard sometimes at first... And i noticed that what you see as comfort from Your lady i seem to see from big lumpy womenlike my painting! Not sure why that image speaks to me? Your whole post is lovely!

  13. Wow! The chair is incredible so cool you let all of the previous colors show through! Your front door is amazing too.LOVE that you used the milagro!May blsssing be on all who enter there.xx

  14. I'm right there with you, my Lady, dreaming in haiku!

    Brown Paper Bag

  15. I love how solitude is one of the ingredients you used to make your chair, what great finds, beautiful patina hardware.

  16. dear sweet lisa,

    once again i am dedicating each sunday in october to The Art of Remembering.
    i cannot begin to tell you how deeply moved i am with this outpouring of love, and i hope you will return to woo us once more with your precious memories!
    please invite your blog family, the more stories shared, all the more love igniting our hearts!
    truly this is my most favorite meme of the year, so tender, so profound, so simple, so real.

  17. Wow, it's been a while since I've come to your blog, or blogger for that matter. I had a time trying to figure out your format, but I found it!! See what a little persistence can accomplish!! LOL I love your latest work! "Lupita" is what I call our Virgen...she's very special to me. My grandfather was a great follower of hers, of course, being from Mexico had lots to do with it!! I recall a painting, from a Taharumada Indian he knew, painted a version of our Lady for him and it was in his room as long as I can remember. He was buried with that small painting....still remember it on his chest as he lay in state at the funeral home...oh Lord, what memories.

    Anyway, love what's going on with you and your work. Take care and have a wonderful week.


  18. You are having such a magical time with your new abode ! How amazing! All your little touches are sure to make it a reflection of you completely.
    Big love to you, Priti One.

  19. Lisa this is gorgeous..your poetry, the chair, the door...so inviting...beautiful!

  20. Love love love the chair and everything else too of course.

  21. Wow, I am in love with your front door. It is so you! The handle set and the lovely nicho you created are fabulous touches! I tried to comment here when you did this post but silly me didn't see a pop up window nor the scroll down to leave a comment section. Ah well today I must be a little smarter because I found it. :)

  22. That's a heck of a front entrance. It definitely says an artist lives there! Beautiful chairs, too! You are so talented Lisa.


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