21 September 2012

Haiku my Heart

 The wheel of Fortune
Spinning high and arcing back.
Enjoy and Endure.

For more haiku please visit Rebecca's blog
and meet some really groovy people.

shared art journal
acrylic paint
latin stamp
cellophane from junk mail
melancholy thursday

This is a spread in Kat's art journal,
I had my mind set on using those cellophane windows that  you get free in the 
junk mail envelopes.
 I had to add an extra page so I wouldn't ruin the other's work.
Now I need to do something else on this turquoise page...
maybe a mandala, since Kat loves them.
I've never done one before
but you gotta lose the cherry somewhere :-D



  1. I was waiting for your new post and you did not disappoint me. She's beautiful and I love the cellophane idea. This one has such soul.

  2. Oh, she is magnificent !!! How blessed is Kat to have this in her book !
    Have fun losing your mandala cherry ! (Kook !)
    Love ya !

  3. Beautiful, just beautiful Lisa. You do recycle, don't you? :) Happy weekend to you.

  4. Beautiful in word and form, your message has such meaning for me today, my little dog is having the second op to his eye this pm, he had the first earlier this week. I feel like this is such a time of endurance! I have faith tho! x

  5. you are so crazy funny!!!

    love love love this faith hearted beauty with peek a boo window.
    speaking of windows...i would love to make a home warming gift of a stained glass window to fit in your front door with painted retablo. just need some measurements!

  6. I love her too! Another image worthy of being one of the Blessed Virgin Mother's, as all images of women are. Lovely Haiku.


  7. Wonderful creation and haiku is excellent with life meanings and process ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  8. bella! and yes you do have to loose the cherry!! xo

  9. Your haiku this week sounds like the life of every woman - hold on for the ride - and have a great time doing it!

  10. Oh I know you will nail your first Mandala....
    perfect for Kat. Your words are perfect for her too.

  11. Your work is lovely ~ Nice to meet you ~

  12. This is wonderfully gorgeous! Kat will treasure it! I love your haiku. It describes the unpredictability of life with its ups and downs.

    Just a heads-up: Angie's book will be arriving from Steph :) I sent it back to her to fix a *stuck* page, and she will mail it to you!

  13. I enjoy how you list your art ingredients, and what beautiful art! Your haiku reminds me that endurance is part of joy. Have a great weekend!

  14. A grand message! and lovely artwork - nice colors

  15. Hey! I get to comment! Yippeee! I love this - I am amazed at all you get done. xo

  16. She is gorgeous and I LOVE the window you created, SO clever!

  17. What an amazing spread- she is gorgeous and I LOVE the window you created, SO clever!

  18. haha...oh my gosh girl! You are too funny. I laughed out loud at your last sentence. I just love your humor. I wish we would have gotten together before I left PA. I love the milagros you use. I want one. Can I purchase one from you or a website?

    I know Kat will love her journal pages and I think a mandala is fitting. I love the turquoise page! You know red and turquoise are loves of mine combined or apart. It is all gorgeous!

    Enjoy your painting today. It is so rewarding once complete. A true labor of love that keeps on giving back.

    Great big hug!

  19. Oh yes, almost forgot. I don't think I've ever commented on your lovely handwriting. It is so perfectly fitting to the artist you are. I am envious.

  20. I am so glad that I have found your weblog.Your haiku is just gorgeous ... very well done ... your artwork is great.

  21. This is a great piece, the window is perfect.... Beware, you break your cherry on a mandala and you might be stuck doing them for a very long time, too much of a good thing is a great thing!

  22. She is beautiful Lisa! Such a melancholy look. But your faces always have such soul and thought to them. Well done!

    As far as busting that cherry goes, I always knew you were a little freaky deek! I say let that freak flag fly! See mine up there flyin' high, too? ;)

    xx Jaime
    *freak flag flier*

  23. This is stunning Lisa, you always paint the most expressive and beautiful faces. Love the little heart and I adore the idea of a secret window, so creative!

  24. Found your blog today...bless my lucky stars. I just love your poetic art! :)

  25. good morning lovely!
    i just decided to post La Calaca LOVE, a calaca a day for the month of october, somehow i think this is right up your artistic alley.
    so easy, just a picture a day, any day or all days....just come play!

  26. Lisa I love love love these pages! I love the colours, the words, the beautiful lady and like I've put on your other post the mandala is wonderful. I feel soooo lucky that you've created these for me. I can't wait to hold these pages in my hands. You RR ladies mean a lot to me and I've written some words in Tammy's journal to reflect this. I've just posted on my blog if you'd like a read.

    Thanks so much my friend.
    Kat Xx

  27. This is so beautiful, Lisa! As someone has already said, it has such soul. Your art has grown by leaps and bounds while I have been away, but the soul was always there in your work. Kat is very lucky indeed.


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