15 October 2012

a post in which I share pictures of our home and all its treasures

 here, the living room.

 lots of treasures on the mantel.

some of these jewels were made by friends...

some were made by me.

and some just collected along the way.

I had these iron grates for eons...look how perfectly they fit.

this old mirror has the most incredible patina

this is a close-up

Now let's enter my magical bedroom...

you know it will be full of Mary and Saints and sparkle

I always dreamed of having a chandelier,
Deb bought this at an antique shop for me...magical, isn't it?

here is my wee bed...I slept in this bed first when I was 3 yrs old.
I painted it my favorite color...virgin blue.
an old fireplace mantel behind the bed...
and above!

I hung this mural before I went to work on the walls.
(you can purchase a mural at http://www.wallmonkeys.com/ )

close-up of the wall texture

moving around the room...

My mantra carved into the wall.

You'll be happy to know that 5 minutes after I took these pictures
I got started on a commission

It will be so nice to have a studio to work in.

I've decided to bore you with the porch and the dining room 
in a different post.


  1. Lisa.............The walls................AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome Lisa. I'm so happy for you to be able to enjoy your own home. Nothing like having roots. ::hugs:: Congrats on the commision.

  3. bella, I can feel the love... and the gates fit so perfectly...thank you for sharing your home with us... oh and those walls are fab! xo

  4. Wow Lisa, everything is just so beautiful and so you. :) I love your chandelier, your painted furniture and you couldn't have asked for a better fit on those iron gates. I'm such a sucker for wrought iron. That old mirror, oh my! It has such soul doesn't it? I love it. You have left your beautiful mark on this home. Be proud!

  5. Not bored at all! Where is the porch? :)) Your home feels very tranquil, and gives a real sense of who you are. I love it. I especially love the color of your bed. I have an old chest of drawers that I want to paint that color. Some decade before I kick the bucket - haha. Thanks for having us over for a look! xoxo

  6. Oh my oh my oh my I got tears - these are the words that describe your home - in order that I felt them...warmth - glow - home - holy - faith - love - beauty - Mary.

    Your home reminds me of my home and I could step into your front door and feel at peace instantly and at home. Wonderful Lisa just wonderful. I love your warm holy home.

  7. Lisa I love that mural over your bed of Mary. I went to the website but only found it in white - there are 3,000 images could you help me out?? I want and love the one you have so if you could send me a link or more info I would really appreciate it!!

  8. Your new home is looking beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more...

  9. Thanks for giving us a peek inside your private space. I'll be back for the porch edition.


  10. thank you for inviting us in your heavenly abode. so much beauty and love in every detail. your childhood bed? ahhhhh the dreams it holds even now.
    the large mural of mary praying above? is this your painting? i have never seen this mary before and she speaks straight to my heart.
    so happy for you and your love to make such a next of comfort and delight.

  11. How wonderful for you to welcome us into your home :-) Your new home looks gorgeous, full of creativity and love just like I'd expect from you. Thank you for sharing. When we email/blog/chat I can now imagine you in situ & feel even closer to you :-)

    Sending you BIG hugs.

    Kat Xx

  12. The iron gates in the windows are perfect....
    isn't it cool when things work out like that? Your paint colors are the bomb!
    Also I love the texture on your walls and your mantra.
    All of your treasure vignettes are sacred,funky,& cool.


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