31 October 2012

Prayer Cards and Puzzles

For days and days and days.
The hurricane passed by 
and thankfully 
we didn't suffer any destruction like was predicted.
We were much luckier than a lot of people.
But the gray days that preceded
are lingering on and on an on.

So, I kept myself busy making prayer cards. 

doing a puzzle.

This is a traveling puzzle,
and as soon as I am done with it,
it will travel on...

Gloria (Viva La Vida) started


and if you would like to be the next in line,
click the link:
and there you can see Gloria explain her vision for her puzzle.

I love to do puzzles, especially in the winter.
I will keep you up-dated on my progress.

Now I have to go out into the cold, gray, drippy outside
to run some errands.
#1 on the list is the Wine Shop!
I might just forget about the rest...


  1. Lisa, I was thiking about you and so happy all is okay. We pray for the people who have suffered pain and damage. I love your little video on your prayer cards. They are all beautiful. How strange it seems seeing the puzzle there at your home. Tee hee. I like how you laid it out, I did that too. Hmmm, that wine looks good. I have another puzzle I will start working on when it gets colder. You can also have bloggies link up with you too. Good luck dear, sometimes it gets very heavy, especially the irise's. Thanks for posting about it, you are a good bloggie pal/amiga. Stay safe and warm and I do hope you have electriciy. Have fun.::hugs::

  2. It's good to hear you're safe and didn't get too affected by the storm. The prayer cards are lovely. ♥
    Jess x

  3. That was exactly how to wait out that storm - a glass of wine and a puzzle. My computer won't let me see your prayer cards right now, but I'll be back!!! Glad you're safe and warm. xox!

  4. I am so glad you faired well, Lisa. The sun came out this morning and more Fall like weather is with it. I hope you stay cozied up. What you are creating is so beautiful !
    Love and light, Awesome One !

  5. I feel your pain about this horrid gray weather. We have it too of course. I would love to see the sun! I'm glad you suffered no damage or destruction though.

    I love puzzles. But my cats won't allow me to do them. Well, they would allow it, but they would insist on "helping" which consists of seeing how many pieces they can shove onto the floor. I can't convince them this is not helping. But I really love the idea of the traveling puzzle!

    Speaking of traveling, I am working on your journal pages, and I'm so sorry I didn't get it to you before October was over. Soon, I promise! I will be working on it today. Do you find it's harder to do art when the sun isn't shining? I feel more creative on a sunny day!

    Beautiful prayer cards, I love them all. You have been having a creative spurt in spite of the weather!


  6. you have given a gray day color and the light of your creativity. i am glad for your luck during the path of sandy.

  7. Oh loving the prayer cards and cool Aguilera song. Very happy to hear the hurricane missed you :)

  8. Hello my beautiful friend! I think about you often and your beautiful world of art and magic and the kindred spirit you are! I am glad to know you are safe! Your prayer cards are absolutely beautiful..sacred and spiritual! Wishing you magic and sparkles..
    Hope all is well in yrou world!

  9. Good to know the storm didn't cause any damage at your house. I too like to do puzzles in the winter.



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