12 October 2012

Haiku my Heart

Under skin lies truth
After the spirit departs
Bones alone remain.

Linking to beautiful Rebecca's blog

In addition to Haiku on Fridays,
the whole month of October is devoted to 
La Calaca.
You and your skeletons can join in any day this month 
as we draw near to Dia de los Muertos.

La Virgen de los Muertos
is available HERE.

I have been incredibly busy and have so much I want to share.
But today is another day of errands and interruptions...
all for the good,
my new studio is getting dry wall!

I will be visiting blogs and answering email and sharing more
this weekend.

Please take care of yourselves... 


  1. dear lisa,
    welcome home, the haiku circle spins more sweetly when you are here with us! love your virgin, your haiku, you viva la vida and all of you!

  2. Beautifully made,I love her and your words!

  3. Beautiful Lisa, this remembering of the bones, the branches of the bare trees, what lies beneath the surface... this truth deep within...

  4. Your haiku and La Virgen de los Muertos is wonderful.
    From my heart to yours.

  5. Love your calaca virgen. I too am participating in Rebecca's love of calacas and having fun going to the various blogs to check out all the talent out there. Have a great week, lovely lady.


  6. how do you like your new format? just thinking about trying it out... x

  7. spooky Madonna! and a bit of a spooky poem! I am easily frightened!

  8. Nice Lisa! So glad you are getting your own studio..a real one it sounds like. Your life will change. I remember you used to work out of one of your rooms but it was not a real studio. You are so deserving sweet girl!

  9. Wonderful haiku, and love all the great pieces of your shown in this photo

  10. After the spirit departs bones alone remain. Yes and what a profound moment that is!! Very deep poem!

  11. I love LaVirgen. I love your Haiku as well.


  12. Beautiful art, beautiful words. Hope all the busyness had been good stuff.



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