09 November 2012

Haiku my ♥, an Angel for Angie and puzzle update

A prayer on my lips
The Mighty One has blessed me
A song in my heart.

For more Haiku visit the beautiful Rebecca at recuerda mi corazon.

This Angel is for Angela the Art Angel,
hers is the last Art Journal I had the pleasure of working in.

I really have a thing for windows :)
That means I greedily did 2 spreads, the previous page...

Angie makes the some of the most delicate, gentle artworks.
Little vignettes of lace and hearts and keys and scraps...
I thought these words by William Strafford were perfect for her.
Plenty of 8's and the 8 gem halo will keep the magic of the 8 of us
who worked on these books together.
We had so much fun and our friendships grew even closer
this last year that we are sad to see this project end, 
but we have hopes of beginning the journey again in another project.

Another traveling project is 


Well I still have it and here is my progress...

I think I have the easy part done :)
Remember, if you want to have a go at the puzzle when I am done,
visit Gloria's Blog and jump in line!

I have so much to be thankful for...
the best family and friends,
Birthday cake that I didn't have to bake!!!

48 and the sun is shining!!!!!!


  1. You are killing me with the cake! Made me forget every wonderful thing I was going to say about the haiku, the journal and the puzzle! I loved all you told me here. I need to learn more about art journals.

    Much Peace

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dear Lisa!! Yay! I wish you the best. Enjoy the cake. Beautiful journal page, love. Wow, you really have come along on that puzzle. Your good at it, but then again, you are good at anything you do. Take care Lisa, I wish you many more Happy Birthdays.::hugs::

  3. such talent - lovely haiku and lots of creativity in your art....

  4. Your artwork brings me great joy...to me it symbolizes every woman honoring herself, living life to the fullest, making the world a better place. Simply magical...

  5. oh my ... happy happy... and that looks yummy!! xoxo

  6. How did I miss your birthday?

    Happy Birthday my lovely friend - you're an angel in disguise :)

  7. Happy Birth Day Lisa! And what a gift to us all, to look through this window and share in your haiku and art making! I leave here with a prayer on my lips and a song in my heart made by you!

  8. so beautiful Lisa...happy birthday...may you always be open hearted and experience blessing. I hope you will join in creating the gratitude quilt:-) more info at the top of my blog.

  9. Love your window! Love you and all the beauty you bring to us.

  10. Lisa hi again. Here is a link to someone who wants to do the puzzle after you have completed. Would you get this, her name is also Lisa D. How strange huh?? Here is her link. I've added her to my reading list. Her art is great.
    I'll send you on email on this just in case you miss this. Take care dear. Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Lovely post ....art, haiku all is nourishing to me. I want to find out how to make an art journal. As a non-artist I would have to start from scratch but I am intrigued by the work I see here and elsewhere. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I can only imagine how freaking cool those art journals must be. Your entries are perfect for Art Angel.Feathers in the window...so pretty. Ummm cake!!! Glad your bday was sunny & bright and sweet like you.

  13. Art, journals, puzzles, cake and a haiku - this couldn't get any better! Great post! Oh, and happy birthday to you!

  14. Happy birthday, Lisa, belated, but most sincere. I too love windows and doors...something about the mystery of what's on the other side, I suppose...my friend said I'm a "portal kind-a gal!!" LOL

    Continue celebrating and 48, oh my, I remember 48..was a very good year and so is my 60th.


  15. happy birthday! and mine's tomorrow! Lovely angel.

  16. Hope your birthday was happy, looks like it started out pretty good with the cake. Love your journal pages.


  17. Lovely painting, lovely haiku--all is lovely in your world! Be blessed in this new year of your life!

    Seven Haiku with Simon

  18. Angie is going to love this! It's perfect for her and a treat that you did two layouts. I love the elements you included.

    The cake looks scrumptious!

  19. Happy Birthday Lisa! Your cake, angel and you all look deeeee-vine! Enjoy these last few years of your 40's..and remember, things really start getting better at 50!

  20. Happy birthday! I am a whole year older, staring down 49 next week... Enjoy your cake! That quote in your bookis almost as amazingly wonderful as your art and your window,all great!!! I was jealous of that book until i remembered i do have some of your work myself!

  21. hey angel,

    between the planning and sharing of dia de los muertos in san miguel to preparations for a jan. return to host flora bowley's bloom true, i have been away from my blog friends far too long!
    in the spirit of sharing the light of the season i am once again hosting A Virgin a Day for the first 12 days of december leading up to mary's feast day.
    i am calling out all mary lovers to share some beauty, calm, and light!
    hope you will share some of your gorgeous marys.
    i love love love this meme,
    every offering a delight and surprise! hope to meet you each morning for marylove.


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