16 November 2012

Three red wooden hearts,
Angel's wings, a Madonna.
Junking is groovy.

Thrift stores, antique shops, church bazaars...
Heaven on Earth for me.
Back at home,
more fun.
Finding the perfect niche for my Madonna.
Imagining what to create with the 
hearts and the wings.

Life is just so phenomenally pleasant!

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Thank you Rebecca♥


  1. Junking is groovy - love it!! And love the sign you found, too!

  2. I admire your acquisitions....I am heading in the opposite direction - decommissioning.....

  3. Pleasant, eh ? Well, ain't nothing wrong with that !!! Enjoy those moments and those treasures, amazing One. Much love !

  4. It is lovely to find such treasures, and then your haiku, gems amongst these images!

  5. I'm so happy you are so happy lisa... so often it is the little things that can offer us the greatest joy.

  6. Wonderful! Glad to hear you seem to have much peace with your small finds. No better time spent than a day looking at other peoples junk, is there? Now, I'll wait patiently and see what you might create.

    Much Peace

  7. What could be better than a junking Haiku?
    Lovely finds.

    Be well

  8. It is indeed -- finding treasure is a delight!

  9. You find the best stuff and figure out how to make it better. You rock priti girl.

  10. Good thing we don't live in the same state! Lots of elbowing at those thrift stores! Great finds. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving! xox!!

  11. Love your finds! Love the rosaries and the Madonna is beautiful. Skeleton keys always make me wonder what they unlocked and how many hands have held them. Oh the stories your treasures could tell...
    Enjoy your Sunday,

  12. I couldn't agree more on all counts. Junk stores and flea markets are my very favorite haunts. I'm always amazed that if I think of something I am looking for, keep it in the back of my mind, voila! It appears at the flea market. Love the treasures you found.

  13. Amazing finds. I really like your crocheted pineapple doily too.


  14. Inspiration Heaven for sure!!
    Just dropping in to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!! I can smell the day already.
    I love the "smell" of the holidays! My hubby said to me this morning.."when are you taking the turkey out to thaw?" In my mind, I said "Crap, thaw the turkey".. then I said, "oh I've got this". I hope we are not eating chicken for Thanksgiving!!

    The day after is hunting..for my son and the girls go hunting for "treasures" like yours above! can't wait!

    Happy Thanksgiving Day Lisa and can't wait to see the shine and sparkle you add to your great finds!


  15. I love junking and LOVE getting to see other folks treasures- what a pleasure indeed!

  16. phenomenally pleasant is awesome. I hope your Thanksgiving was equally so. congrats on your treasures. I can't wait to see what you make of them. xx Jaime


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