28 December 2012

Haiku my Heart♥

Just a small wonder
was all she ever wanted
Creation of Eve.

This week's haiku was inspired by Marit.
She wrote a haiku using the titles from her bookshelf
and I found it such a good idea,
that I stole it :)

I am the biggest bookworm
 in the whole world-wide world.
I love reading and looking at books better than anything.
The best part is
when you are done reading
there are no dishes to wash
or paint brushes to clean.

Just a book to close
and place to balance your wine glass.

It has  been icy and snowy since Christmas eve...
perfect book cuddling weather.
Also great weather for making art.
I'll have pictures of that later.

Have a happy weekend...
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  1. Oh books! Yum. I rather receive a book than a box of chocolates. I think I see a Kingsolver in your pile that I haven't read. Right now I'm reading her "Flight Behavior". Snuggle up, keep warm.


  2. I loved Marit's idea, too! Hers today was song titles, another great idea!

    Your haiku is wonderful, Lisa! And this has the making of another haiku:

    Just a book to close
    and place to balance your wine glass.

    Happy New Year!!

    1. Oh, and what a fine glass of wine it is!
      And...I do know another gal who might rival you in your love and voraciousness of books..!

  3. Hello Lisa! I love this haiku and that you were inspired by Marit. I think you are both amazing and I feel so fortunate to have you both in my life! Nothing better than a good book... well, maybe visiting here and Marit, and the other bloggers who grace our lives! Happy New Year to you Priti Lisa! XO

  4. Love books too ~ Your haiku is excellent and touches my heart with love ^_^

    Happy New Year to you ~ (A Creative Harbor aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^)

  5. I too have piles and piles of books! Maybe I'll get some haiku inspiration from the titles too! I love your poem this week - somewhat mysterious and thought-provoking! Happy New Year!

  6. such a fun idea Marit had, I think it wonderful to be inspired by one another and to inspire each other as well! Happy New Year Lisa!

  7. A lovely process to write ~ Wishing you Happy New Year ~


  9. Happy book cuddling, Beautiful One ! Love that you were inspired by the awesome Marit this way.
    Wishing you and your loved ones the sweetest of New Year's !
    Big Love !

  10. LOVE Marits idea too.
    Looks like a GREAT stack.
    DEVOUR them!!!

  11. I agree with you about reading. It is one of the greatest pleasures on earth. I read historical fiction and sci-fi. I just finished "The Shoemaker's Wife" It is about an Italian family and their trials and tribulations on coming to the States..you would love it!!!!! I can't stop thinking about it and it makes me homesick for Italy.

    Do I spot one of my Goddess cream jars on the table with your book?


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