10 December 2012

Mornings with Mary~Day 10

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough. 

Holy Mary, hear our prayer

I made this Mary in June, 2010.
Her crown opens and holds our family's prayers.

In 2010 we were living beside the most hate-full neighbors.
This year,
we moved to my little dream house
where everything is lollypops and gumdrops.
Before I moved our prayer Mary into our new house,
I emptied her crown.
It was filled with prayers asking for help...
'Please help me find the strength to face our neighbor in court today'
'Please help me find a way to avoid conflict'
Prayers like that.

she only has one prayer in her crown.

A prayer of gratitude.

Thank You.

For more Mary click the link
Thank you Rebecca for bringing us all together.


  1. That's so sad that she had to hold so many pleas of help. This is a lovely story, I'm so happy she now holds your thanks. Your new home sounds wonderful.:)
    Jess x

  2. She gives us strength when we need it most-all we need do is to ask! I love this statue that you made-and what it became for you in a time of great conflict. How wonderful too, that now you only need to have one prayer in her crown. How Blessed!

  3. Hi, Lisa!

    I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your offering today!! She is so gorgeous and fulfills such a wonderful purpose - to continue to talk with Her, thank Her, request Her help. I couldn't find a place on the link to post this comment, but wanted to let you know how I felt about it.

    So happy to hear you are in a wonderful new place! Hateful neighbors are a real challenge to one's sanity.

    Have a great day!!


  4. Lisa, what a beautiful post. "Thank You," for this thoughtful prayer of gratitude. Happy home to you and yours, and of course Happy Mary Day. Have a wonderful week.

  5. I have a hateful neighbor. She is one of those "it's all about me" persons with no respect for anyone living around her. I try very hard not to have hate in my heart. I try hard to ignore her. I am glad you had your Mary to help you. Lisa, this Mary painting and prayer crown is one AWESOME piece of art! I love it.

  6. I love the idea of Mary's crown being a place to put prayers -- it just makes my heart happy. And I'm happy she answered yours, so that now your prayer is a simple thank you. Perhaps I should review my decision not to volunteer my services as a mediator at the dispute resolution center. . . it's always better if people can talk, not litigate.

  7. I love your Mary...the fact that she carries your burdens and prayers...the fact that you are now delivered from the negativity of others, as you asked...gratitude is now so perfect!

  8. Oh she is so beautiful and now in a new loving neighborhood with you ~ blessings ~

    (A Creative Harbor) ~ aka ArtMusedog and Carol ^_^

  9. The Prayer Mary is beautiful, and having her crown be a repository for your prayers was a stroke of genius. I am so glad your prayers were answered and that your gratitude can shine on in your new safe haven.

  10. well, obviously she helped you and yours because look where you are today! thank you for sharing. a brilliant art piece full of your family's devotion! Now I wonder if one of my talented sons could make me one with your idea of the open crown. (I promise I wouldn't copy any of Mary's look, just the crown make-up.)

  11. I try to say that gratitude prayer every day.
    Even in times of trouble
    there is much to be thankful for.

  12. How very special and so glad you have a new friendly place!!!

  13. Very unique and lovely and she held you all as you went through difficult times. I'm tucking your creative idea into my own ideas file. I'd love to make something like this.

  14. What a lovely idea,and she is so beautiful.Thanks for sharing your story Lisa.
    Sweet dreams,

  15. Answered prayer. New neighbors. Prayers of thanks. All is well.

  16. truly...
    your last prayer made me cry!
    good things come to those who wait and believe, and pray, and love.
    you do all these things with a beautiful passion!
    i am so looking forward to the new year when i will have the chance to sit quietly and begin your "window of the soul".

  17. An awesome artwork!!! I adore it and Her and you and your offerings!


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