06 December 2012

Mornings with Mary day 6

art journal page

 out of the lie of no
rises a truth of yes
(only herself and who
illimitably is)

making fools understand
(like wintry me)that not
all matterings of mind
equal one violet

                        ~ee cummings

We think of Mary as the Mother Of Jesus,
but she is the Mother to us all
and the Mother of Nature
and the Mother of more time and space than we can imagine.

Thank you Rebecca for bringing us all together.

She's got the whole world in Her hands.



  1. A beautiful glowing image Priti..........this is Mary as Gaia!

    Have a lovely day,

  2. thank you for bringing us to the precious essence of love;
    all encompassing, all enduring, all comforting, all enveloping.

  3. I love that ee cummings poem! And I completely agree with your comments, especially "the Mother of more time and space than we can imagine."

  4. Fantastic art creation in your art journal ~ truly divine ~ lovely words ~ well penned ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ aka 'artmusedog'

  5. Yes, the Mother of us all, and the Mother of evrything. The Sacred earth Mother, Grandmother Moon, keeper of the water and giver of life. Mary is cool!


    PS I am so proud to have a Mary of your creation in my home. Thanks again for that.

  6. Wow is that a journal page? It's lovely!
    Jess x

  7. Lisa this is beautiful and the words so fitting. Beautiful journal page. ::hugs::

  8. Ok, Lisa. . . I'm a little slow on the uptake. I've visited each of your Mary days, but until today, clicking experimentally, I could not for the life of me figure out how to leave a comment. I'd glad it clicked so I could tell you that I love your images and words.

  9. This is the bestest! Love the hand-drawn images. Yours is awesome.

  10. I would love to see the rest of this beautiful journal!!!

  11. You are right. Our posts today are similar and I definitely think of Mary as the protector of earth and like to portray her as mother earth. Lovely work, as always.

  12. Your painting glows and leaves me comforted to think we are safe in her arms.

  13. There is a hint of the Native American despite the hair color. And yes, she is truly the mother of us all.


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