08 December 2012

Mornings with Mary Day 8

Love makes you real.

We are born knowing this
and spend the rest of our lives 
clawing our way back to the truth.

Love conquers all.

Mia 6 years

Next month Mia will be 18 years.
She is still a face of Mary.

Dancing in France this summer

Strong, beautiful and captivating.
And still full of Love.

Thank you Rebecca for bringing us all together.
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  1. This is wonderful, Lisa - your Mia is beautiful and indeed, a face of Mary!

  2. How very true that we are born knowing love, yet have to seek it throughout life. Really thought provoking post.

    Thanks for the comment about the Fiction Project. I sooooo appreciate it!! Because I love to write. :)

  3. This is a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Clawing our way back to the truth.. isnt it just so.. Dancing in France this summer, we have a friend who did so too, returned to the school full time for the year, mother flying back and forth every 6 weeks any excuse to visit!

  5. Oh so happy for your Mia. Beautiful picture and the thought of dancing in France is just awesome. Happy Mary Day to you.

  6. Mia is a lovely embodiment of the divine feminine and full of LOVE.
    Beautiful photographs.

  7. a glorious image for Mary's 12 days! Mia's eyes shine with love.

  8. There's so much energy in this dance. Do I recognize the babe from yesterday's image?

    Sweet dreams,

  9. Yes. A lesson the Velveteen Rabbit taught us. Lovely images -- lovely thoughts -- lovely Mia.

  10. Truly lovely ~ I am speechless with awe ~ (A Creative Harbor) aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^

  11. Love does make you real. And whole. And what a great opportunity for Mia to dance in France!

  12. my darling one,
    i feel so close to you in this moment. your mother's heart beaming with pride, made whole with all the sacrifices a mother must make. and the fruit of your love,
    blossoming into her own. such a circle of love and light.


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