07 December 2012

Mornings with Mary...Day 7

acrylic on handmade birch canvas 2009

This is the painting that changed my whole life as an artist.

The Tarot is a story of the Fool's journey
toward enlightenment.
When the Fool makes his way to the Empress 
she gives him a motherly smile and this advise:
"Like newly planted grain or a newborn babe,
a new life, a new relationship, 
a new creation is fragile.
It requires patience and nurturing.
It needs love and attention.
Only this will bring it to fruition."

Sometimes in the Tarot the Empress is pregnant.
But in my painting she is showing
the creation brought to life.
 Pears pop up in my paintings quite often
 to represent female energy.
And her hair...
I had just cut off 12" of my hair.
Some say an artist always
paints self-portraits.

I say
from that day
I always paint Mary.

She is the Priti side of me.

Thank you Rebecca for bringing us all together.


  1. she is the priti side of us all!

  2. I love the bright clear colours of this, it gives a lovely feeling when I look at it. :)
    It's wonderful that a painting can be such an influence, thanks for sharing. :)
    Jess x

  3. She is beautiful and so well done ~ great post ~ (A Creative Harbor) ~ aka 'artmusedog' ^_^

  4. Wow. Just wow! I finally got into this link and am stunned by the beauty of The Empress! I can honestly say that is the most gorgeous Empress I've seen in the many tarot decks I've either owned or looked at. Doing a reading with this card only prompts a multitude of impressions that long for expression....doing a reading with a deck with powerful images like this one would probably take hours!

    You are indeed Priti in all of your facets. So happy to make your acquaintance and take in your art!

  5. Oh my Lisa - I love this and I love that you painted the Empress with her baby and not pregnant. I too always paint Mary....people say my paintings either look like me or my sons. That is good. We are all divine are we not?

    Love this and you......

  6. such The Best Smile
    you have captured
    here !!

  7. I love all of your Mary paintings, and this one is no exception. Am I wrong to believe that every painting of a woman is a depiction of Mary? I need another one! And pears are my favorite fruit. As soon as i get teeth, I'm going to have a few. Untilmthen, I'll continue to cut them up into very small pieces.


  8. Oh this is stunning! I am delighted by the curly hair of your Mary. Beautiful!

  9. Yes, she is priti...and all-knowing and benevolent...we can see it in her gentle and wise face. Your painting is so powerful, as are your/her words to us about patience and nurturing...lovely!

  10. Ah I remember her well. She is just beautiful Lisa, as are you. ::hugs::

  11. Lisa,she is the most beautiful Empress I've seen. I love the clear vibrant colours you've used......and the babe's wondrous expression is quite celestial!

    Have a lovely day,

  12. YOur art is so special, Priti One, and your love, respect and dedication to Mary and her gifts is eautiful to behold as well.
    Hugs and big love to you !

  13. PritiLisa this is gorgeous! Wonderful. The story that goes with it is perfect. Love it, love it!

  14. I love the story behind the image.

  15. Oh wow. . . love these colors, the light, their expressions, the pears. Just beautiful!

  16. Hey Lisa, your comment had a No Reply return address, so I'm responding to your comment to me this way. Here's what I wanted to say. . .

    Wow -- your words really triggered me. I felt myself shucking off the praise, as if I didn't deserve it.
    Good lord, I thought I'd worked through that. Egads!

    So I will say with humility,
    Thank you Lisa

    and try to sink into the bounty of your words.

  17. such a beautiful image of the Empress!! as within so without. as above so below. Such a moment of incredible bliss when we see ourselves in the Divine Mirror and when we see the Image reflected back from our hearts! thank you for sharing your essence with us and the world

  18. What a baptism you had in 2009! And you keep bringing forth the 'Priti' side of you ~ beautiful. x

  19. Oh so lovely- you are so amazing! I love the energy and passion and LOVE your painting exude- gorgeous!

  20. Incredible story, incredible painting, incredible journey!

    Last Night’s Tea Flowers

  21. I always love your art, your imagery, your words, but this has touched me so deeply, perhaps because the Empress is one of my numerological cards, so I've been around her imagery a lot, but your painting takes it to a whole other level for me. It is also so juxtaposed to what I wrote yesterday. Thank you for sharing this sweet new life, this priti side of this ripe and juicy pear shaped aspect of the feminine. And thank you for your sweet words and witnessing my words and feelings... for hearing me. XO


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