04 December 2012

Where have I been?
What have I been doing?
Why am I ignoring my blog and my blog friends?
I don't know...
I think it started when my camera broke.
And now I have a different one,
a camera I don't understand.
Picassa files are overloaded and I didn't even know I had Picassa.
Too many technical problems for me to find a solution for,
Too boring.
So I ditch the whole computer, for awhile...
until I try to work it out...
for 28 flippin' hours D:
I have been a busy beaver.
No, I haven't been building dams.
And I'm not talking about that kind of beaver either!!! 
I just mean that I been puttering around,
puzzling, making new art.

Obviously oblivious about my appearance.
Lots of new art though...
so many ideas, I can't work fast enough.
Remember these guys?


Now they are relics of honor.
They were just puzzles.
And puzzles take time.
Like the infamous Vincent Van Gogh puzzle from Gloria.
The TraVeLinG PuzzLe. 

I finished it up before Thanksgiving and sent it to Chicago.
To a different Lisa D. one who paints beautiful pictures.
I sent along a CD I made to listen to whilst doing the puzzle.
Or the dishes. Or walking. Or driving to the grocery store.
Or while painting...
Of course, in the theme of the song 'Vincent'
it is all groovy music from the '70's.
Priti Groovy.
If anyone else is into owning a CD like this,
just tell me so in the comments.
I'll hook you up :)
And if you want to take a crack at the puzzle,
click HERE and let Gloria know.
I had such fun time doing the puzzle...and even more fun when
Mia or Deb stopped by the table to help.
{You can talk and laugh while you do a puzzle.}

I have LOTS more to Art to show...
lots more complaining to do...
But I will leave that off for tonight.
I can't take a chance on making the google-god mad.



  1. I love your new art Lisa. Just beautiful, like you :) With your shining eyes so full of bright hope and wisdom. I'm so glad you got a new camera, it sucks being without one. Now there is no excuse for you to not show us your glorious work.

    I'd love for you to hook me up with some music! xx oo Jaime

    ps. wtf?! is blogger now bloglovin' I'm so lost.

  2. Lisa - Holy TAMALE, sista! I am loving this new work a lot! Good stuff happening at the Priti house. :) I am tired of technology in general (and trying to figure out my new smart phon). And my server says I have too many messages, and I'm supposed to go in and delete them, but that sounds a lot like housework to me, so I am hiding. Puzzling does take time and you solve some very interesting puzzles. xox!

  3. so glad you cleared up what kind of beaver (:

    your new work is really cool. really really.


  4. You are a creating goddess ! Love that !
    Hope the techno stuff gets fixed with ease...
    Loved hearing your voice.
    Love and light to you, Awesome One !

  5. more to LOVE!!! My Dad used to walk into a smoke filled room where all of his daughters were chatting. He'd say "Smells like a damn pool hall in here." We'd say "Nobody is shooting anything around here except beavers." HBC

  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the little shrines you made! I was working on art today, as well, since it was almost 70 degrees out today!!! It feels soooooo good, yes? Fun post!

  7. You have plenty of good things going on Lisa. Sometimes it's best to take a blogger break and spend time in the studio-time without taking a breath or eating or drinking or doing anything but creating. Then you know your muse is healthy and so is your soul! Happy creating~

  8. Gorgeous art- gorgeous lady! I love that you've been so busy and also that you found time to blog about it! I've been super busy too and am just now making the rounds.
    I am in love with that mirror AND the wings. You are so talented!


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