02 January 2013

2013...you are amazing

great little video...

A fresh clean year.
A new start.
A new word for the year time.
year 5.
I have thought and re-thought this
like I re-think everything...
but in the end
it has to be
a word I need.


I have to Shine.
I have been the reflection my entire life.
And I have reflected
and genuflected
and have been pleased to do so.
But this year...

This year I will
 put the sun in my belly
and glow.
I will shine on
(because I am amazing.)

I will carry the sun
and Shine.

I will live from my belly
and laugh.
I will be still...
and listen to the glow in my belly
and create.
I will Shine.

I will not reflect on how I look whilst shining...
I just will.

Happy 2013 to all,
and a bundle of love.


  1. Shine on Priti Lisa. You are an inspiration to many. xo

  2. Awwww I love it. You always shine. And dittos above.

  3. Your light is brillant and warms hearts all across the world sweet Lisa. As bright as any sunny day. Amazing!!! Yes You are! LOVE & the best to you ALWAYS.

  4. Just keep on shining as you always do. It's a word I love to use as well. Shine on! Great video.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR amiga. Health and Happiness to you and yours.

  5. happy, happy new year brilliant one...


  6. You are so shiny I have to wear shades! And you are a light to many, I might add. :) xox

  7. The perfect word for you, I think you SHINE already. You cast light on the art process inspiring many of us.


  8. Shine on you Crazy Diamond!

    You have always shined... you were just so blinded from your own brilliant light... your light has shined on me many many times

    x J

  9. So happy that I scrolled down from Haiku Friday and found this post!! I love the video and am putting it up on my blog since my word for this year is Beauty.

    Shine - I think you've been doing it for a long time!!


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