04 January 2013

Haiku my Heart♥

Shine small sacred one.
There is no difficulty
not of your making.

for more haiku click Recuerda mi Corazon

just gesso and paint in my journal

I've been painting and constructing a lot lately...
and sometimes I have had to paint over the top
again and again and again...
Like in this primitive Madonna.

She has had many faces
and many dresses.

I like this face.
for now...
And here if you want,
you can look at some more things...

I wish I would find the gumption to list them in my etsy...
Mia is leaving for the Philippines tonight.
She will be gone for 20 days.
Whatever shall I do?

Shine on, I suppose.


  1. dear shiny bright priti one,
    i love your word for the new year! so perfectly hope filled and bright.
    as are you.
    20 days? we will have to check in on you often and make sure you are not painting at all hours and forgetting to sleep!
    you infuse everything you create with such love and brilliant passionate light.


  2. What a beautiful respite visiting your site is this morning! Your works in progress are inspiring!

  3. Your work is really wonderful, Lisa - I like the face of the primitive Madonna, too. It's very ethereal.

    Your haiku is worth lots of reflection.

    Happy first Haiku of 2013!

  4. Very lovely haiku and painting ~ Lots of creativity and spirituality here ~ blessings for 2013 ^_^

    (A Creative Harbor aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^)

  5. I love this haiku, Lisa. It is like a beautiful hug.
    And your art work is as always, so spiritual and lovely.
    Thank you for all you bring to the world, my friend.
    Much Love !
    PS - Hugs to your daughter missing heart !

  6. Lisa all is beautiful as always. I wish I would find the gumption to do a blog post......

  7. I enjoyed being here..it's all so beautiful..keep shining...


  8. I so enjoy you soft and flowing (to me) style!

  9. oh pleeeease find the gumption to list them on etsy, dear priti... i ADORE the many-layered madonna... she perfectly captures my word for 2013 'be a vessel' :o)
    20 days - oh my!! e will go to venice on a school trip in october, but that's only 6 days, which is plenty long enough!
    belated new year blessings xx

  10. Always stunning to see what you are doing.LOVE the haiku. Such truth and beauty.

  11. I do so enjoy your soft, flowing and dreamy paintings!

  12. Hello dear Lisa, how I love coming here... it is like a prayer, this feeling I have when I look at your art and your words... they fill my heart. Yes, you will shine these coming twenty days... a beacon for finding the way home... XOXOXO

  13. Hello dear Lisa, how I love coming here, it is like a prayer, the way your art and words feel to my heart. Yes, you will shine these coming twenty days... you are a beacon for finding the way back home... XOXOXO

  14. I love your work. Check your e-mail because i am about to ask if you are interested in doing a project for me.
    As far as the gumption, you have to do it and see what happens. The results will be astounding, i am sure of it.
    I love the painting with the word "pray" on it. Is that a book, a journal or a painting? I love it!
    Great Haiku as well.


  15. A lovely soft and heavenly post, thankyou Priti.xx

  16. Oh, she is beautiful. This is a 2 page art journal spread? Then I looked at all your other work and so wished we lived nearby. I need someone to inspire and encourage me. Happy new year.

  17. Oh. . . I'm in love! She's perfect. Don't mess with her. And I love your field trip through other pretties.

  18. Beautiful work! What a wonderful gift you have.

  19. so very beautiful Lisa... your bright shining soul will guide her home in twenty days... in the meantime your prayerful art will help fill the temporary ache. Wishing you a blessed New Year!

  20. The artwork are all lovely ~

    Cheers ~

  21. Every single piece of your work is so beautiful and expressive. I know you will miss Mia but travel is such a good experience, hope she enjoys her time away.


  22. Rebecca has such elegant words to describe your work. For me, your art images take my breath away! I'm so new here...is Mia your daughter?

  23. My day ends here with these images reminding me to say my rosary; to start praying again for the little one that may come into our lives very soon.

  24. These are all very beautiful, Priti Lisa! I love that primitive Madonna - i think you are brave to paint over and over and over again. Question, Where did you see that I was teaching a class for Tam? I'm not, but it could be something I'd like to do in the future!
    namaste : )

  25. I love all of your art and your religious relics. Your home must be such a nice sanctuary.


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