11 January 2013

Haiku my Heart♥

Through a stranger's eyes
I see myself...squinching
a distorted truth.

I am having a new experience this week
We have a house guest.
An artist friend I met through blogging.
We planned on making lots of art together.
And we are,
we are also drinking boxes of red wine
and talking
and today we are going junking.

I don't have a picture of us to share
we haven't gotten around to combing our hair
or changing our clothes.

We each made a wee canvas
and are working
on some bigger pieces.

Pooh thinks it is all so very boring.



  1. Sounds like you've found a soul mate! It's good you're making paintings, I'm not sure if I'd get much painting done if I was drinking lots of red wine! ;) Have a lovely weeekend Priti.xx

  2. Fun stuff! Thanks for the smile :-)

  3. Sounds like you are having great fun, and so is your guest. I'd love to see that disheveled look.


  4. How wonderful!!! I wish I could join you !
    Enjoy your junking adventures and please post a pic when you are both presentable!
    Happy Friday!

  5. that sounds like so much fun, doing art with a like-minded friend! and to be too busy enjoying each other, so no photos. hmm...I have been trying to see myself objectively- ha! I'm not sure that I can do it. But someone who hosts a friend met through blogging, I'd say you need not worry about how you are seen by her.
    enjoy, and have a glass of wine for me.

  6. What fun you are having! Isn't it amazing to meet someone in person from bloglandia??? And, knowing different truths are valuable, as they help you know the heart of your own truth... Enjoy your artist retreat, as I know you are!!! XO

  7. The cat mugshot made my day!! Have fun making art with your friend!

  8. The English language would be ever so much poorer without "squinching"! :)

    Journey’s End

  9. Pooh is absolutely adorable! And when I've met my blog friends in their human form, I've always been delighted. You must be having so much fun!

  10. How fun! Oh Ms. Priti I bet your friend is learning much from you

  11. Ha! Love that you're drinking so much wine - I myself am under the influence as I write this...


  12. Lisa thank you so much for your beautiful, beautiful messages. Yes the clay is called architecturual clay and goes in the kiln. You got me thinking about air drying clay at home and using this method of coiling. Could try and see if all goes to plan, would be great to share a video with this. So we could do something without the need for a kiln too at home. :D If you can get to a ceramics class somewhere and learn to coil, go! its great! Much love to you lisa!

  13. Lisa, this is wonderful idea to try with air drying clay at home in the coiling method would be awesome. The clay is architectural clay for kilns, but could be done with airdrying clay :d

  14. Sounds like a lot of fun! Love the canvases. Enjoy your time together.

  15. Making me smile, glad you two are enjoying yourselves!

  16. At least you take time to play..very important. Looking at earlier posts, I just love the Madonna's and the angel in your book is marvelous-love the checkboard bottom as well.

  17. I would so love to make art with others, oh and drink red wine too! x

  18. Art and wine? Where's the chocolate? Have a great time, I think it is such fun to meet other bloggers.


  19. good morning my beauty. i am so LATE to the party. although in my jammies and unkept hair i find i am a purrrrrfect fit!


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