18 January 2013

Haiku my Heart ♥

Mia in the Philippines

I watch the day break
It's tomorrow where you are
My sky is your sky.

And this same blanket
shelters all under the sun
my heart is your heart.

Mia has been gone 2 weeks...
one more until she comes home.

In the meantime...
there is this party happening this weekend

If you like to look at books
or art
you will love this party...
please join us
anytime, all weekend long.

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  1. good morning bright heart.
    this so gets me!
    i remember months of travel at age 18 through rural mexico. crossed the border from san diego and didn't stop for months until i traversed her entire length, ending in yucatan.
    my life was forever awakened.
    at some point in the journey i had the deepest awareness and longing for my parents. i called home from an old wooden booth where an operator placed the call. i told my father how much i missed him and told me to look up into the night sky, that no matter how far i traveled we would always be under the same stars.

    your love for your darling mia, in your bright offering of haiku just filled my heart with my fathers love.
    such a gift, even expressing love for another increases the love of those who witness the giving.


  2. beautiful Lisa!!!! soon your hearts will be near enough to beat agains each other in hugs again.

  3. It's wonderful that Mia gets to travel at such a young age. I know you miss her but also know you realize what a tremendous experience this is. Bravo Mia!

  4. Thanks for your art love this morning on my blog, Priti One ! It touched me a lot !
    Sending big hugs to your beautiful Mia missing heart !

  5. Beautiful, Lisa - you must miss Mia tremendously! It looks like she is having fun there!

  6. absolutely wonderful and loving haiku ~

    great photos ^_^

    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  7. So much love and joy in your haiku! It is somehow comforting to know that someone far away can look up and see the same stars/moon/sky and you captured that!!

  8. I can totally feel that loneliness, my oldest daughter just went back to her apartment at college, she gets her masters this spring, but told me she considers that apartment home now and will probably stay on after the semester! Even though i still have three kids here that just killed me.... Anyway, i hope time flies for you til she returns!

  9. What a heart- lifting post! Haiku and photo!!!

  10. Jess has left a new comment on your post "Haiku my Heart ♥":

    What a fantastic photo of Mia, she looks like she's having fun and all that colour!! Love it!
    Jess x

  11. Awesome pictures of beautiful Mia.
    So happy for her having fun around the world. SO COOL!

  12. I've also had the same thoughts with loved ones...but usually that we were looking at the same moon...such a comforting thought!

  13. This is one of the most beautiful lines I ever read..

    My sky is your sky...

    This is life enhancing.. beautiful..


    Do visit here.. http://rameshsood.blogspot.in/2013/01/a-clear-sky.html

  14. "my sky is your sky"

    "my heart is your heart"

    I hear pleasant echoes of e e cummings here, and my soul rejoices!

    Love Story

  15. Hello Dear Lisa, I will hold a corner of the sky with you as Mia finds her way in this amazingly beautiful world, with such a great adventure that she is having. I love these pictures of her and of you... as to that space in my haiku... Yes. It held a picture that had great significance to me, and it was time to take it down and let the space breathe, finding what is next to come... you are so perceptive my priti friend... much love to you!

  16. I will hold your words close to my own heart each time my son comes and goes from my home to carve his way into this world and his life. Love the beautiful photos too.

  17. Happy times for Mia. Yearning times for mama. Glowing memories for both.


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