25 January 2013

Haiku my Heart♥

Glass of wine, a book
Winter's heavenly recess
Spring always returns.

I am one of those SAD people.
Every winter it is a struggle for me
to remain...myself.
However, I am tired of believing it,
I figure, changing my attitude is half the battle.
I am taking some natural supplements
and counting my blessings.
And you know what?
Winter isn't that horrible.

I have a cozy house
and an art studio I work in all day.
And a 20 minute walk in the cold
clears my head.
In the evening there is wine
and books to read in my nest.
I am blessed.

I made all of these little artworks these past 3 days...
you can get a better view here.
I am reading this book

The Paris Wife: A Novel

about Ernest Hemingway from his woman's perspective.
and I am taking these

Nature Made SAMe Complete 200mg
I get mine at Costco. 
They also seemed to help my arthritic pain.

So that's my story.
Won't you join us at 

PS:  I will be announcing the winner from our journal party in a different post.


  1. well.. I loved the Paris Wife... and I too used to feel SAD too, but like you, I decided to tackle it naturally and look at winter as an incubation period for our ideas to bloom in spring... xoxox

  2. No longer SAD either, for the most part. Acceptance of my part bear soul and finding joy in the hibernation has eased me into acceptance of this wintering time.
    And I am so grateful for the art creating time !
    Hugs to you, Wintering Goddess !

  3. It's strange - I feel the SAD in the summertime when the leaves are so dense that I can't see the sky! But, when I lived in California, I did feel so much better when the winter rains and tule fog ceased and the bright sun in the big sky returned with warmer weather.

    Spring always returns - and shines, just like you!

  4. Lisa your art is beautiful as always. My hubby suffers from SAD and his doctor told him to get grow lights (like the ones for plants) he did and has them where he sits the most and he has felt wonderful all winter. Plus he has some pansies 'out there' too which cheers him and the lights work on them and him!! 'Out There' is his man cave back porch.

  5. Your new little hearts are lovely, my you have been busy. :)
    I know what you mean about the cold dark days, we had a brief glimmer of sun yesterday morning and I felt my soul lift so high I'd forgotten how that felt! It's snowing again here now, I can only look forward to that sun again, I hope it's not too long!xx

  6. Hello priti Lisa... yes, the dark months are meant for hibernating, germinating something new... not rushing around in the world acting like it is summer... I am so grateful for the help we can get in so many different ways to allow us to navigate what we must. I too have a fifteen minute walk in the brisk air and will think of you as I go to allow my own creative juices to come to the surface, although mine feel like they are below an ice pond right now! Have a cozy weekend and thank you Lisa for sharing these not so sad remedies...

  7. Your art looks awesome next to Jesus!
    The love, energy and power is so deep!

  8. Your artwork is divine! I love how bold and yet intimate they are. Wonderful haiku and so very very true. It is best to surrender and find what you like about something that beat against it and be miserable. Keep up the beautiful work!

  9. Oh I love your hearts!!!!!!!!!
    All together they make a beautiful display!!
    Wishing you cozy nights!

  10. You are blessed ~ Beautiful haiku ~ no true and love your art creations ~ Wonderful hearts! ~ Carol of:

    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  11. There are more of us, I guess, than I thought possible. Mine interferes with making decisions, even little ones. I'm going to try the Sam-e. So all the art works are the same price? I'm hoping the "You are loved" lasts till February when I'll have spare money for it. If not, I'll pick something else. may sunshine come your way, in any form!

  12. This is a beautiful post start to finish! Does your studio have lots of light in it? Sunlight can lift the spirits! And you are so right to go with the flow....spring always comes in its own good time. Peace.

  13. Beautiful Haiku and wonderful work. You have been busy Priti Lisa. Very nice. I love winter and the feel of home during this time of year. Summer I can do without. Spring is awesome too and Fall I am joyful as well. Hey life is great. I'll take any season that comes my way, as long as it continues to come my way. ::hugs to you::

  14. Lisa I would like the Queen Heart please. Can you put it on hold for me? I would prefer to mail you the money order instead of using paypal. Would that be okay? Please let me know and thanks.

  15. it's not in your head, lisa but you have come to a positive way to approach it. there is also a special light that you can buy that helps to counter the SAD experience. i hear it works well. i love your photos today and enjoyed the Paris Wife.

  16. Recess (as all schoolchildren know) doesn't last forever! :)

    New Haiku: None to Rescue

  17. I haven't read the book, but it looks good. Your art looks even better! And i am happy your supplements are helping. I don't have to take them but i have tried a variety of things for my son. Think they would help if i could just get him to take them consistently! I tried melatonin but i can't even seem to sneak it into pop to hide it. For me, i have normal mood swings so i go up and down weekly, but am starting to like it that way! I fell more "myself" with the mood swings than without.... I am sending you an email on etsy about that painting number 3...

  18. I love that you create art to ease the 'darkness' of wintertime! What beautiful little Valentines you made...each one is a treasure!

  19. I used to hate winter and had SAD, too. But, now it's my favorite season. I just decided to change my thinking, and it worked. :) I hope it works for you, too.

  20. Your so right Lisa, being positive, your a positive angel on earth! A loving and bright one and a great friend! Thank you!

  21. Haiku my heart forever...Wonderful work. I see the passion you imbued into each heart.

  22. I LOVE all your hearts. Heart art is one of my fav things. I just finished a piece of heart art myself. I am not a fan of winter either, but oh well, what can we do? At least here it is not freezing cold and it looks to be warm some of next week. Keep on painting becuz it is always wonderful, what you do.

  23. I love your hearts Lisa... a reflection of your bright and beautiful heart. Winter is hard for lots of us, you are not alone in this at all as I'm sure you know. I'm glad you are finding ways to bring light into your life.

  24. Spectacular Heart Art. I'm going to put the book on my library hold list.
    Feb. is almost here, spring will come.


  25. Looks like you are on top of it. Can't beat a day list like that. Love the hearts...and The Paris Wife is a VERY good read.


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