19 January 2013

Joy-Full Blog Party all Weekend Long

Last year, 8 friends started a monthly swap.
8 Art Journals went around and around...
across the Atlantic Ocean and back again.
In the end,
the 8 journals were bulging with love.
And the 8 friends,
who grew to be like sisters,
wanted to share their Joy.

Here is my journal before the journey began..."Story of Art" 8 Artists

My book is back...bursting with vibrancy 

 The sign in page has pockets full of tags with ribbons and charms, each an original calling card.

the first page is my own
In these next pages you will see how each artist honored me
by using images and quotes I love, 
all the while, staying true to themselves.
Even if they wouldn't have signed their page
I would have no doubt who created it.

 This beautiful portrait is by Angie. I want to paint hands like that!
Every time I see a butterfly I think of her.

Kat is the mandala queen. She created these mandala flowers just for me!
With my favorite colors and her own perfectly written words.

Lisa layers faces over text and words over pictures. Our Author/Artist.
These pages are especially dreamy, the eyes say it all.

Tammy takes the smallest of treasures and snips and makes magic happen.
See the prayer card, the cross, the quotes?
It's like she lives in my head!

Stephanie made this amazing pop-up effect with 2 portraits of Frida and can you believe those morning glories? They are just incredible.

Kim weaves colors and patterns and quotes all around my favorite
girls from Mexico, Frida and Our Lady of Guadalupe.
She even made a mini shrine!

I like to flatter myself and think that Maggie painted me!
With a tree full of magpies growing out of my head.
And a quote by my most favorite poet...ahhh.

I can't tell you enough how much this book means to me
and how much each of these women
has added to my life
through their art and their friendship.

By sharing our books with you this weekend,
we hope to inspire you to begin your own 
Collaborative Art Journal Group.

To get you started we are giving away 
an Art-tillery of supplies!
An Art Journal from me
and stamps and ink and tape and borders from Maggie
Papers and a bag of stash and ephemera from Kat
and more surprises too.

Are you interested?
Just comment on this post
be sure to visit all of us by clicking the links below:

This isn't a random drawing...comments count!

 Thank you for coming here!



  1. These pages are amazing! I love the way you have all been brought together through art. What a treasure this journal be - filled with wisdom and love and scrumtious art!

  2. I've loved all these collaborations. They are great mementos of your artistic connection.

  3. Do you know I actually got out of bed early on a Saturday because I was so excited to come and see our wonderful work all together in one place. It's truly wonderous to see it like this. Wow!!

    You captured our little project so beautifully Lisa - the magic and friendship and creativity...

    Hugs xoxoxoxo

  4. I am feeling so emotional right now, these books have come to mean so much to me. I'm just going to leave it at I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE(!) seeing all of our work all together like this. And I feel so very blessed that we are starting again!
    Love you guys,

  5. "Magic, friendship, and creativity..." Lisa said it so well as usual!!

    What can I add, except: Thank you Priti Lisa for having this idea in the first place...we couldn't have done it without your brilliance!! I'm so happy we're going another round, and I hope these posts inspire others to give it a try :D

  6. What an amazing display of heartfelt art and friendship! Happy "Joy in the Post" blog party to you my friend!! :-)

    Lisa I am so grateful and honoured that a year ago you asked me to be part of our happy group. This swap has meant more to me than I could ever have imagined at the start. It has brought inspiration, love and friendship to my door, computer and heart. I can't believe we've never actually met in person because it surely feels like we must have. For all the negative press internet socialising can get our story is proof that wonderful things can be started online. Thank you, thank you, thank you my friend for including me in this special experience. I look forward to our colourful 2013 swap.
    BIG party HUGS
    Kat Xx

  7. Breathtaking. Absolutely LOVE this!
    Every page thoughtful and beautifully done. Bravo!!!

  8. Fabulous pages in everyones journal. So cool to see how different each one is even though it was the same artists doing each book. Would love to do this with a group of people. Just don't know enough art journalers to invite.

  9. This book is a treasure but the friendshops.......MORE!

  10. This journal is amazing! How wonderful to have such a personal gift from each of your friends! Amazing!

  11. Lisa, you captured everything so well in this post. Amazing women, sisterhood, friendships, touching hearts from a distance, but yet so close. All of you are my Art Hero's and more importantly cherished friends and sisters.

  12. Opps, didn't get to finish.. And thank you Lisa for giving birth to a new collaboration in 2013, I can't wait, this will be the best year yet!
    Love you all!

  13. What a wonderful idea and an even better gift for each of you!! Such a treasure to be enjoyed and savored for many, many years!

  14. Lot's of diversity in this journal. Very inspiring. Love the whole concept of sharing. We need more of this in the world today:)

  15. What an adventure these journals have been on. The friendships alone are priceless. The art is a great bonus.

  16. Lisa yours is the last blog I've visited today and it's been amazing and quite emotional to see all our work together. Yours was the first book I worked on so I hadn't seen most of your pages (all are stunning,and the pop up created by Steph is genuis!!)

    Along with the others, I just want to add my thanks to you for master-minding, inspiring and guiding us all through this project, it's proved to be so rewarding and enriching. I can't wait to start again! x

  17. Superb !!!! WHat a beautiful document ! I know you will treasure it always.
    Happy Sunday, Beautiful !

  18. So beautiful!! I'm thrilled this travelling journal turned out so well - wish the other one had been as successful.... and if we will ever see them again...

    Everyone was so incredibly thoughtful making their pages with the journal owner in mind.

  19. Beautiful pages, Priti! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  20. What a treasure! Thanks for sharing the pages with us. Each one is beautiful. I need to go check the other links now.


  21. Y'all should consider submitting your books to Stampington Press; it's right up their alley! It's been thoroughly and entertaining to visit each Round Robin and see all the beautiful artwork. Yes, you've inspired me to start and that will be my beginning...thank you!

  22. So beautiful! I recognized my friends' (Maggie and Kim) work immediately. You have a wonderful, talented group!

  23. I think Maggie did paint you, it looks just like you! xo

  24. Oh man, this is just the thing I have wanted to do for a very long time. I even belong to an active art group that I hope will be willing to jump in on this Art Journal Journey. I love the way your book opens up, and it is truly a treasure to behold.

    Thank you for sharing. I'm off to visit the rest of your talented gang!

    Aloha from Vicki

  25. OMG This is an awesome, AWESOME art journal. I LOVE chunky books and have a few from past participations. They are my most treasured art items that I look at, touch, and reminisce about over and over. When I get back from work today, I will be visiting all those special artists you listed to feast upon their eye candy. Thanks Priti L, for sharing and starting my day smiling.

  26. I had all but given up on the idea of swaps, at least i did get mine back from the sisterhood but the delays were difficult and the other one i tried was not a success at all, but after hearing your story and seeing your great, totally awesome book you have inspired me to join in again on another someday!


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