22 February 2013

Art Journal Pages

My Art Journal is packed and on her way to the UK!
She will be visiting 3 friends before
coming back across the Atlantic to begin her 
travels in the states.
9 stops altogether.
I crafted this book entirely 
from crap I already had,
so absolutely free
(and maybe even better for it)
imperfections being so...

Once a church hymnal, now a LOVE hymnal.
sewn together with printed papers, artists papers,
shitty drawing paper
tracing paper and pockets.

Exploring the feminine face of God
in shades of blue...
photo album pocket holds tiny sign in book and instructions.

This is the first page...nine female goddesses 

As above...so below...
when you lift Mary...a mermaid is revealed
and a poem by Cummings

this Angel represents wisdom...
the text is from my grandmother's book,
a page she had folded down and marked with pencil.

I was just hitting my groove,
coulda worked on this book til it was filled,
but I am excited to see what my friends will add...
to my Symphony in Blue.
(did you notice the saint medals dangling and jingling?)

I hope I shared a smidgen joy
and maybe some inspiration.


  1. Oh just a smidge of joy.....this is wonDERful! I love the paintings and the medals and all the yummy layers of Lisa-ness. Just gorgeous! Can't wait til it lands in my hands to PLAY!

  2. Already gorgeous , this love hymnal of yours, I can't wait to see it when it's filled with even more love.

  3. GORGEOUS!! How absolutely wonderful and perfectly you.

  4. It's lovely, Lisa. The angel is amazing! Her face is gorgeous!! The medals are a wonderful touch. Reminds me of belly dancers...haha

    It is all perfectly you. I cannot wait to have a visit with her.

  5. Singing praises in your Love Hymnal. I love it. A creation of beauty. You inspired me!

  6. Lisa...this is amazing. LOVE the hymnal and the energy of grace that comes imbued in it....as well as the passion in the art. Beautiful.

  7. Oh so awesomely gorgeous! I love the nine beautiful goddesses. And actually each and every page! The shades of blue are wonderful. I will be the last to see it in person, but as someone else said (somewhere), by that time it will be filled with even more beauty! So will be worth the wait...

  8. oh
    i am swooooning
    from the love of this journal !!!

    """imperfections being so...

    you are one Wise Woman
    to know this ...

    one Wise Woman,
    indeed ...

    {{ thank goodness }}

  9. Can - not - WAIT to receive this!! It's completely gorgeous and utterly you. My only worry is my pages not living up to the start you've made! I love that you've used a hymn book and words from your grandmother's book, such ingenious and special touches x

  10. Loving this Lisa!! I especially love the nine goddesses and the fantastic jingly jangly saint medals. I am so excited to hold your journal (and the seven others) in my hands so as to fully appreciate them.

    It's gone midnight here and I've just finished my journal. I am excited to send it on its travels. I'm a little concerned about its weight/size & may contribute to postage costs for those who must post it abroad.

    Kat Xx


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