22 February 2013

Haiku my Heart♥ Self Portrait

self portrait
graphite and correction fluid

We separated;
me, myself and I, ruptured
a long time ago.

A long time ago
estrangement became normal.
Three widows. One soul.

self portrait illuminated

Lovingly linked to Rebecca and Haiku my Heart friends

The finished painting...

If you are interested in looking inside my art journal,
scroll down to the previous post.
Have a happy weekend!


  1. I'm torn between wanting to know the three of you, or leaving it be and knowing the kind and wonderful soul that I know right now. It's like you have a secret.
    We all have secrets, I think. I can see some of it in the art.

    Much Peace

    PS I love the mermaid, just love her!

  2. Excellent deep words and lovely pics.

  3. A very thought provoking haiku. I like your painting.

  4. Lisa, beautiful, beautiful and beautiful! Love all your art! So fine arty, so colourful in tones and energy! What, what! You've got it girl! You own it!

  5. LOVE your work, your journal is fantastic... xoxo

  6. Lisa this is so full of sadness and yet so very beautiful. Your artwork is really interesting... I'm inspired:-)

  7. I love all of you.
    And your art makes my heart sing.
    You are a phenomenal woman, Priti Lisa !
    Happy Weekend !

  8. I cant say much because it has all been said above, except..your beautiful mermaid looks like she should be swimming over at Delphene's with that great white. She is yummy lovely. And your self portrait..all three of you...show the secret spirit within...something soulful about you girlie! Something special. Love your journal too.

  9. You 3 will bump into one another on the sidewalk downtown one day.
    And you'll all laugh and get together again.

    ~p 8^)

  10. Very clever 'three' in one. And what a lovely painting.

  11. Stunning graphics. Cool haiku.
    Thanks for this insightful post

  12. Your art and haiku has all kinds of 'deeper layers' - I guess even more than we can see/think. Impressive work! Off to read your former post now 'cause when you talk about art journaling, I'm in ;) Enjoy your weekend.

  13. The thing I like about trinities,Lisa, is that generally you need all three to make one complete whole and fully developed person. Nicely expressed.

  14. Love your Haiku's and you work is just awesome. Very intense.:)::hugs::

  15. Wonderful haiku and an exquisite painting ~ Wow! ^_^

    Thanks for coming by ~ I am a bit behind in my comments ~ ^_^

  16. When I saw your painting, I yelled out, "OH WOW!! Beautiful eyes!!" It's true!! Very pretty!!

  17. Embrace yourself! Every single aspect,layer,facet,and fault you think needs corrected. Every bit of you shines.

  18. Your work is filled with emotion, it's a pleasure to see your new drawings. :) xx

  19. I am so in awe of those who paint and draw so beautifully...to me it's the zenith of talent...my sister has that gift in our family! The drawings of your three selves...what a classic way to describe our inner workings...sometimes so different from each other that we wonder how we all inhabit the same body successfully...or do we?

  20. Your words are very touching. I'm deep in thought after reading them. I also scrolled down to view your amazing journal pages. I absolutely love the Mary's page. Wonderful.

  21. mysterious are the self-portraits.
    the finished painting is exquisite! heartbreaking is your haiku; perhaps you 3 will live in harmony in God's time.


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