01 March 2013

Haiku my Heart♥

Sometimes...in my book
Mary is quite contrary 
she drops modesty.

This is a "new" art journal.
A different journal to mail back and forth between
just one other artist.

I am still just using what I have
so this journal is made from the covers of an old journal
that I made from an old book in 2006.
So it is up-cycled and recycled.

I gutted the old pages and cut up old file folders
for the pages. They are nice for wet mediums.
I sewed it together with twine
and the coptic-stitch binding.

I still may have to change the cover a little bit...
it feels a little bit...
immature to me now.
The book used to be called 
The Joys of Being a Woman
perfect, isn't it?

Anyway, it's fun to have a new project.
I really love swapping books back and forth.
It is just so inspiring to see other artists
work with my own hands
(if you know what I mean)



  1. I like everything about this. The Mary revealed, the new book from old book, the idea of using what you have. Great inspiration on a Friday morning.


  2. Oh, Lisa, I love your Mary here so very much ! She has a vulnerablity and a femininity that touched me deep inside when I saw her. Wow...

    How wonderful to have found an artist to play with so perfectly ! ENjoy the process, Lovely One !
    Happy March !

  3. Contrary Mary giving modesty up,
    and why not? She has given up so much already. I can see it in her face. She is lovely Lisa.

  4. Beautiful haiku of Mary and lovely portrait so well done ^_^

  5. Lovely art work in your new journal and your haiku!! Well done.

  6. Ops... but beautiful art nonetheless! Love your haiku too.

  7. ok so my heart is rushing with the thrill of YOU! you have a way of sussing beauty out of every moment.
    that my friend is a perfect miracle!

    (i love phil's comment!)

  8. love love love! You have such an awesome gift for making fabulously soft colourful emotional art!

  9. Beautiful! Wonderful! Awesme! Fantastic! Did I say I love it?

  10. well, she would have had to bare at least one at a time when nursing Jesus. lovely, lovely, lovely-your art, your recycling and your haiku!

  11. Hi, Lisa! She is such a beautiful Mary even with her modesty dropped ;) Love the colors and eyes, and such a great journal you made! I would love to make a book like that to create with my sisters who live far away...a fun and creative project to work on and stay connected at the same time. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Your Mary is beautiful! Well all of your portraits are awesome. It's funny that you think your journal cover seems a little immature. i don't think it is. I love your idea of redoing a journal. Up cycled and re cycled. And using what you have. I totally agree. I need to make myself do that more. I keep buying and buying.
    Keep making art. It's so beautiful.

  13. I don't think the journal is immature at all. It has a special rustic charm. Your Mary shows such emotion and I'm glad you painted her partly nude because it gives her an "old world" feel. She's beautiful.

  14. I love your pages, Lisa. When I was more into journals, one of my favorite things was creating doors and windows into interiors. There was always a surprise waiting there.


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