15 March 2013

Haiku my Heart♥

Turquoise like a veil,
Garnet robes, golden halo.
Color is a song.

Here is the thing about me...
I wasn't born an artist,
but I call myself one.
I am not a natural talent,
I cannot paint what I see
or what I imagine.
I work and work and work away.
And when I stop I see
not what was in my head,
rather, what is in my heart.
And that is good enough for now.
the gate will unlock.
Maybe someday,
I will be a real artist.

journals are for practicing

Pooh Bears are the kind of kitties who believe Art is Magic


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for Haiku my Heart.


  1. I think you are a real artist. Painting what you see is just one kind of art. Painting from your heart, or your intuition or your imagination , all of these are other forms, equally important and valuable. That you take the time to express what your Creative Soul wants to bring into the world - that is what makes you a true artist! And like my momma says, "Takes one to know one."
    Happy Friday, my Artist Friend !
    love ya !

  2. dear priti,
    you arrive like an arm full of wonder!
    truly...the beauty of your heart made manifest for all to be blessed and lifted up by.
    today you are the sweet arrival of Spring!

  3. I hear the sounds of colour all around me. I think painting from the heart qualifies one as an artist. If one only paints what one sees, then that person is an illustrator.

  4. You are a true artist b/c art comes from our hearts not our heads!!!! Lovely work as always!! You are my inspiration that is for sure. Keep doing your 'heart art' woman - you are already opened.

  5. Dear, if you get on paper or canvas what is in your heart instead of what is in your head, you ARE a real artist!!! And yes - color is a song - I agree! Happy weekend.

  6. YOU ARE A REAL ARTIST! and it takes one to know one... xoxo

  7. Exquisite haiku and divine painting ~ You are an artist! enjoy ^_^

  8. Love, love, love the new journal pages! The "Endure" theme is wonderful with words and heads tilted. Your latest one gives me reason to sigh..she is beautiful as is her backdrop-the copper pages look wonderful..Who says you aren't an artist!!!!! You work from your mind and your heart to make majestic creations..you should be so proud.

  9. You are a real artist! And a spreader of joy to ! So open that gate and let out what is in your heart because it is beautiful!

  10. The fact that you paint from your heart is what makes you a REAL artist my sweet friend. Many can copy. Not everyone feels it.

  11. As far as "being an artist," I always say that I mess around with stuff and once in awhile it turns into something pretty great! I don't have real training...but like you, I like to think I have HEART! By the way, in my eyes - and many others, no doubt - YOU ARE A REAL ARTIST, and a awesome one at that!

  12. What lovely, pretty words. I am reminded of my turquoise necklace. The cat is quite charming. Guess my son would like him. He's a fan of Pooh Bear :)


  13. You. Are. An. Artist.

    Now sit down and shut up.
    And let it all come to you again. Got it?



  14. You could have fooled me ;~), still what's in a label hey when you love what you do and you do it fabulously! x

  15. This artist "thing" goes on in my head constantly. I think you nailed it precisely. If it comes from your heart, then it is your own artful expression. What makes things pleasing to me is where they come from. Your creativity with the haiku is proof enough, then set it on a canvas like you do. There is no doubt you have the heart and soul of an artist.


  16. How can you say you are not a real artist!

    What I am seeing is
    real. art. By the truest artist. The soulfulness, the color, the beauty, the heart...all put together = ART!

    I love the textured designs in these backgrounds. Is it already on the surface you painted on, or did you put it on there yourself? Either way, me likey :)

  17. Lisa, you ARE a real artist!

  18. I think YOU are pure magic, Priti.

  19. Girlfren, your gate is already unlocked. You can step right on through. Your Mary was lovely even before color, because your own spirit shines through and transfers to the canvas. Never, ever doubt that you ARE an artist. But mostly, you are a painter of love and light.

  20. you ARE an artist! your art takes my breath away.

  21. painting from your heart IS art and the painter, an artist. you cannot ask for more. all else is a label and who needs that?

  22. Lisa, I have always thought that cameras are for showing me what things look like. The beauty of what is. That's one kind of art, and I love it, too. Your talent is taking an idea to a new place, one that only you can build. You are an artist. You make magic. :) xox

  23. Sorry, I think you ARE a real artist! Not only is your work always gorgeous, you have that funny little artist trait called "self doubt" and guess what? We ALL have it!
    Love you

  24. good morning priti,

    something beautiful happened when i has sitting at the feet of mary as the sun rose. from that a new meme was born at recuerda mi corazon. mornings with mary, each monday i am beginning my week honoring mary with a simple photograph, i hope you will join me in all this mary love.


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