22 March 2013

Haiku my Heart♥

little tender heart
I will comfort you because
you sing so sweetly

Yesterday I read an interview with Kim Mailhot at 
The interview was all so good,
but when she talked about 'Big-Heart Walking'
I felt so connected...
just this past week, I realized that being giving and generous 
is who I am, 
but there are times when I don't feel appreciated 
or that my good-will was not passed on...
some people just take, take, take.
 And if I continue giving to them, 
I start to feel badly about it.
I will continue to give and share because it brings me joy...
but when it doesn't feel good to me and my spirit, 
I won't. And I will not feel bad about saying no.

Taking care of your own spirit is the best thing you can do 
for anyone...for the whole world. 
It really is the reason for living.

If you haven't read the interview, you can find it here.

It is so encouraging for me to find my friends on the same path,
it means I am not lost.

acrylic paint and collage on wood panel

Haiku my Heart♥ ... it's a great place for Love.


  1. I read it too and left you a note on Etsy - no Lisa you are not lost we are all just wandering together with our big hearts bumping into each other along the way. Oh did you feel that? My heart just bumped into yours. <3

  2. When we love ourselves we can share that love with others. I so agree that tending to one's own soul is the first step to giving. Those who take all the time, are not in touch with their own heart and soul.

  3. Your artwork is so soulful and comforting...it really calls to me. You are so right...we need to take care of ourselves to be able to give to others...and we need to be aware of people and things that drain us...sage wisdom you shared today!

  4. Thank you so much for the link to the interview - I had not seen/read it yet. I LOVE your painting and the haiku and I do agree with you: nurturing your own spirit is important. You cannot give to anyone if you don't feel 'whole' yourself... Have a wonderful weekend

  5. I understand what you mean Lisa...I think it is about wise discernment: how much is it reasonable to offer and still be equally loving and giving to myself and my family. Sometimes there is a clear line, sometimes it is blurred... but if we do not take care of our selves what we give others is watered down and not as full of nurturance as it could be. And yet, to be generous, is not about an expectation of return... we must discover what replenishes our spiritual wells and it might not be a direct correlation to the giving we do AND somehow it is all connected. Does this make sense? Have a blessed day.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous painting and lovely haiku ~ beautifully written from the heart ~ Enjoy ^_^

    Life is filled with many takers ~ glad you are taking care of you ~

  7. You are indeed loving and giving. YES! Step away from the ones that zap your essence. Take good care of your self and your heart Priti. LOVE. This painting and the texture is so cool.

  8. dear priti,
    i cannot begin to tell you how much your haiku means to me. singing the praises of another is such a generosity of spirit. i too choose to walk open hearted and generous. choosing to hold everyone in the light. being generous allows one not only to brighten the hearts of others, it creates the reality of living in a generous world. i want to see the very best in everyone i meet. i want to flood hearts with recognition and belonging. i feel that the choices i make come from a very deep commitment of choosing love, always love. i do not offer this for reciprocation. yet i have to say there are moments i would love to bask in the same acknowledge. i am surprised, having every ones highest and best good at the forefront of my heart...that when it seems the moment for my acknowledgement and upliftment of others to come full circle, i sometimes feel invisible. i can't believe i am even writing this except to say several things happened this week that felt so demoralizing to me for this very reason. just loving you here loving the big heart walking!!! let's never stop!

  9. This is a completely lovely post! Your singing heart is shining!

    Blossom Haze

  10. my dear lisa,

    Big Heart Walking and myself are right beside you - but you knew that...

    LOVE this painting. and yeah, saying no and taking care of our own spirit first is The Way...

    love you

  11. I love your brave heart & ART, you feed my spirit! Yes fill up your well, your source! x

  12. Both words and painting are beautiful. Yes, there is just too much "taking" in this world and not enough "giving." However, you're on the right path...you'll know when to give and feel joy when you do so, and if doesn't feel right, you'll also know without guilt, sweet lady.

    Take care.


  13. Oh, Honey, how I love your Heart ! You are not lost. You are on a beautiful path that has some dark bits in it, where we have to use our super powers, our love and faith, to navigate our way through. I am always grateful to be on the journey with your beautiful Heart !
    Big love to you, Sweetie !

  14. Hi Lisa. What a beautiful painting that is filled with the look of caring. Your Haiku is spot on. It happens there are times we just give too much and it does seem that soon it becomes, take, take, take. Been there, and it doesn't feel good. These days I still give but now I do put the important things up front, like my feelings. It's part of life Lisa and some thing we probably all go through. Chin up dear. Oh by the way, when I said a stalker, it's someone that is always showing up where you are at, following your steps so to speak. That's what is happening. I'm not going to worry about it though. Thanks for caring. You take care of yourself and keep up that beautiful work you do. ::hugs::

  15. So beautiful; the thoughts behind both your art and words. Sometimes saying no is the hardest thing of all! I love how you manage to keep your spirit so generous and true- it really shines through all your beautiful art!

  16. ditto what lynne said... so glad you are taking care of you... xox

  17. I can only say that

    I appreciate you
    I adore your art
    I believe you are a super good person and your heart is big


  18. A beautiful painting and wonderful words. I think those of us who have been following you for some time know just what a big heart you have and how generous you are.


  19. Dear Priti - I seemed to have missed this by many days. So glad I stopped in. The teal and red is such a pretty combination. Your tender words go straight to my heart.


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