08 March 2013

Haiku my Heart♥

nine artists will shine
journey of love and color
today... orange and gray

The magical journal journey has begun
and the first book for me to work in
is Maggie's...the colors are orange , yellow and gray.

 behind the window
sorrow, wine and cigarettes
house of virtue.

When I think of orange and gray
I think of sun and rain
joy and pain.

The bodies are pages from my grandmother's brittle book...

...it is comforting to use the pages in my art
and be able to share them
in the art books of my friends.
I think she would have liked that.

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for Haiku my Heart.



  1. Great collection of word and image.

  2. I love your art, Lisa. It goes deep inside me, and soothes my heart.
    Happy Friday, Brilliant One !

  3. I love the orange and the charming illustration. I love hearing the details, makes it more special

  4. Every passage and painting has tenderness. Wonderful that you put bits from your grandmother in it as well. I have a feeling she was very special to you.

  5. love the body of words and your projection of joy and pain as beings .. fascinating... xo

  6. Lisa, your integrated art, visual and poetic is beautiful. I love that you incorporated pages from a book that belonged to your grandmother. How generous... this helps her inner sparks to shine on and touch others with love.

  7. Your grandmother's pages make this very, extra special. Sweet and special.

  8. this brought goosebumps, and near tears.
    I wonder if I'm wishing that something of mine would spark such beauty in one of my darlings.
    thank you so much, dear spiritual being Lisa!

  9. I love everything about your artwork! The pages from your Grandma's book for bodies are genius, and images themselves are awesome! YOU are shining!

  10. Oh this is so touching and beautiful! I love that you put some of your grandmother into your friend's book!

  11. work to find your soul
    it's always there, just hidden
    behind the world's web

  12. Lisa!!! I hardly know where to begin! Love♥ love♥ LOVE♥ each page and each and every brushstroke! What you've done is magical. I love the way you've played up the difference in the feelings that orange and gray inspire. I was just thinking of them as colors but you've added more dimension by describing how they make you feel.
    The three beautiful figures are wonderful, and I'm honored you've used some of your grandmother's precious book for their bodies ♥
    The quote (IS it a Priti Lisa quote?) about sunshine and rain is amazing. So true and something to remember always. SO many glorious pages...I so love the house with the working doors!! EEEEEk, it's all just beyond beyond what I would hope to have :D Thank you so much, Priti Lisa!!

  13. You artists and your work really fascinate me endlessly. I love the button knobs and the girls' dresses from your Grandma's brittle book. Very lovely, and the haiku fit them perfectly.

  14. The oranges speak to me of a warm and joyful heart! Lovely!

  15. if you every drift
    lost in the cold
    warm your haiku heart
    in the orange and gray
    of the Priti Studio

    ~p :)

  16. is there anything as powerful as passing ones thoughts, images, dreams and longings into the hands of another? so lovely that as you place your offerings in each book...your grandmother makes this journey with too!
    i love every visit to you, you open hidden doors that always lead to soul.

  17. Lisa,
    I can never say enough about your work. You not only fascinate me with your ideas, but I love how you pour them out straight from your heart onto the pages... It 's Real , it's you, it's what I love most about your art . I am always honored to have your work in my journal.

  18. Beautiful, beautiful art! I really like your take on the colour theme - working with the emotions and words that the colours inspire in you. The pages from your grandmother's book are lovely in themselves, but knowing their history makes them so much more special. I also very much share your fascination with concealed things - adore your intriguing little window and the secrets held behind it! x

  19. It's lovely! The little doors that open are my favourite!xx

  20. Oh SO wonderful! I love your words and the take you had on this; joy and pain- incredible. And beautiful. Just like you!

    I can't wait to see it in real life...tho of course it will be a few months and filled with lots of art!

  21. Your fantastic art always has so many layers. Adding pages from your Grandmothers book is just another example of how personal and meaningful your work is.


  22. These pieces have a true beauty to them dear heart. I am so excited that they will be passing through my hands in a month or two!

  23. Lisa - only just realised I missed this post & realised that I was on holiday when you did it. But I arrive here hopefully better late than never to admire your wonderfully uplifting and inspiring pages. You've made the colour choice zing and sing with your creative talent. I think its a lovely way to use your Grandmother's book - passing on the love and inspiration that she gave to you. Gorgeous!
    Kat Xx


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