18 March 2013

Mornings with Mary

One of my mentors in Life, Rebecca,
started a new meme today.
Every Monday will be
a Morning with Mary

I start every morning with Mary,
so this is such a delight
for me to share.

I finished my painting this past weekend.
I think.
I have signed her,
but not added the varnish yet.

Thank you Rebecca
for inviting us all to share.
What a great way to start the week!



  1. What a talent you have! How lovely to have your own painting of the Blessed Virgin! xx

  2. What talent you have! Your painting is beautiful (and so is your dear kitty). xx

  3. I love the way this painting turned out.....finished or not.
    Yes, you ARE an artist.

    Mornings with Mary.....how perfect for you, I will be visiting with you all.

  4. She is beautiful Lisa. She shines as do you.::hugs::

  5. As usual Priti, I love your paintings, but this one holds my heart!

    Ave Maria!

    Peace be with you,
    The Rosary Lady

  6. Glad to be touching base with you on this grey UK day, what better way than honing our mother love! x

    BTW If you come up with a meme count me in, it does take a bit of brave I know!

  7. She's beautiful. I love your art.

  8. Good morning dear priti,
    This morning I downloaded my sunrise with mary photographs and that is when i first saw the sweet orb of light. I sat there marveling at the unexpected, not apparent as I took her photo wanting to catch the light of a new day. That is when i felt a tremendous wave of love fill me. That is when I knew I wanted to start every monday honoring mary. Today is my long day in the infusion center, when I return I will add the sequence of photographs that inspired mornings with mary.
    We are two birds of a feather with our mary love. Mondays suddenly have a sweeter light filled appeal.
    Thank you for your kind words and your gorgeous mary. You are divinely blessed. The beauty that comes from your knowing hands is a blessing from your heart to ours.
    Humbled and deeply touched.

  9. Thanks to you Lisa I have posted on my blog....your beautiful Mary and Rebeccas....thank you. Now I am off to see the others.

  10. I saw her partial finished yesterday and today she looks spectacular. She is a beautiful first for Monday with Mary.

  11. dear priti,
    i am home after a long day in the infusion center and finally had a chance to add the entire sequence of photographs i took as the sun rose on saint patricks day. it was only this early morning when i downloaded them that i saw the green orb grow to fill the arms of mary and the appearance of a cross of light. i hope you will return and take another look. so beautiful!

  12. The Virgin Mary is one of my favorite subjects! Your painting is beatiful!

  13. She is so beautiful! I love the textures and colors, and well, all of it. :) xo

  14. Oh Lisa..I love your Mary! She's Queen in my household too! And I really enjoyed your personal vision of her. Hope you've been well sweet friend. I think of you often..xoTerri

  15. I was floored when I saw rebecca's photographs on Monday. Amazing. Your Mary is also passionate and beautiful. Often I see you in your paintings, however this Mary has Mia's face. que no? Keep it up. You are in tune. LOVE


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