19 April 2013

Haiku my Heart♥ ~Pieces~

Psalm older than time;
I am of you are of me.
Without end. Amen.

I wrote this haiku while painting
as I often do.
It is a painting about mothers and daughters
about family
about all of us.

The painting is taking longer than I expected
as paintings often do.
So today
I am showing pieces.
Pieces of 3 faces.

Have a beautiful weekend.
Haiku my Heart Recuerda mi Corazon


  1. Your art, your blog and you continue to move, grow and inspire. You are beautiful inside and out. I love your new blog. Is this blogger or something new?

  2. Lovely haiku ~ so true and provides a loving feeling as does your fantastic art ~ love mosaic presentation ~ ^_^

  3. Your haiku is wonderful but your art, oh how it shines !!!!
    Thank you for the beautiful love on my blog today. Your prayers and your words touched me, Sweet Friend.
    Sending love and light to you.

  4. Feeling your words
    what my mother,daughters,
    & sisters mean to me...then
    the seeing sweetness in your art.

  5. simple powerful words!
    Your art is lovely!!

  6. There is more?? This is not the finished painting?? It is already awesome; how can it be better? I cannot wait. I love your header, I think it is new. There is another pretty little face that has joined the group it seems.

  7. Mothers and daughters...connected souls. Lovely words, and a beautiful work in progress.

  8. I can't get your post out of my head when you talked about being an 'artist', if ever there was one, you are!!!
    But then you are truly modest and this comes over in your beautiful images and words,
    may we cling together as never before! x

  9. great haiku - especially the middle line.

  10. Breathtaking art work and it so matches the words in the Haiku!! And life goes on endlessly creating new life, as walking memories!!

  11. oh Lisa... so, so beautiful!

  12. Your haiku is like a prayer. I found myself reading it and just naturally found myself adding words that are so familiar to me.

  13. I love how much depth you've reached with so few words...
    and what amazingly cool paintings you do! I wish I was like you, too!

  14. "I am of you are of me" How beautiful! Your painting pieces have my imagination whirling. You said it is of 3 women. This fits nicely with the Haiku..all three are one. Lisa, I love your new format and name you have added to your banner. My art and soul really fits what you are about. Bravo on all of your showings today.

  15. your haiku is a never ending prayer,
    encircling the soul.
    i am struck with the way it rings through my heart and expands into oneness.

    your blog home is so gorgeous! almost like a painting itself!
    i love you.

    did you get my email??

  16. I love your header Lisa. Beautiful words and your work awesome as always. ::hugs::


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