29 April 2013

Mornings with Mary and St.Catherine of Bologna

Painting by St. Catherine of Bologna
under mica

St. Catherine of Bologna (1413-1463)
was an Italian nun, artist and author.
She is the Patroness of Artists
and so
as an Artist and a devotee of Mary,
I loved learning about her and
created this pocket shrine
in her honor.

St Catherine of Bologna
Her exhumed body is on display behind glass
in the Chapel of the Poor Clares in Bologna. 

Join us each Monday for 
Mornings with Mary
with our beautiful host Rebecca at

PS: this shrine is for sale here.


  1. good morning dear priti.
    always, joy floods my heart when i arrive. and i admit my heart beats faster; for a new and wondrous glimpse of your latest, loving, devoted art.
    you always inspire!

  2. Thanks for the info on St. Catherine. Great shrine and I love what the mica does to the Madonna and Child.xx

  3. Really nice Lisa!!! I am still being a bad blogger but I have a new grandson and he has captured my heart and time.....

  4. Lisa, yet another saint named Catherine! and...she was an artist, so fitting a saint for you to honor

  5. I love this little tin shrine!! Have been admiring it in your shop!

  6. Beautiful! Your love of Mary shows in your art. xo

  7. Interesting facts. I like that she is under glass here and in reality.
    Love that you always bring that extra something.

  8. I am unfailingly impressed by the honor that holy women of the Dark and Middle Ages have received from the Church up through today. Thankk you for sharing this gifted woman ith us.

  9. Ah... St Catherine... xo and love the new blog look...

  10. How absolutely beautiful and sacred.


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