22 April 2013

Mornings with Mary~Earth Day

What could be a more perfect way
to honor Mother Earth
and Mother Mary
than with a rosary garden?

When we moved to our 'new' home
at the end of last summer,
I knew I wanted to create a garden for Mary,
and with stepping stones
like rosary beads...
how wonderful it would be
to walk in the garden and pray.

Creating and then 
tending to this garden
would in itself be a prayer.

Here is the plot I have chosen in our yard.

I think I have a lot of hard work ahead.
I am not a great planner,
and the budget is very small,
so I will just look at what I have
and wing it, like I do everything.
And while I am waiting for Spring,
I will look at pictures and dream.

Join us each Monday for Mornings with Mary



  1. Exciting, cant wait to get started...<3

  2. I have the same idea Lisa! I have also heard about a rosary garden that has a shrine at each sacred mystery on the rosary!!! a bit more work but it will be so worth it! looking forward to updates on your rosary garden. love to you

  3. You know, I think your garden will be just perfect if your art-work is anything to go by! I can already see some free rosary glass materials in the second image! ;~)X

  4. Love the idea of that kind of garden. I have had a medicine wheel garden in the past, with a peace pole in the center. We are full swing into spring now here in south Texas, and I'm loving it. Happy Earth day to you!

  5. dear priti,
    i love that you now have a lush bright yard to nurture and be nurtured by. tending to this garden would in itself be a prayer. oh if only we would cultivate all the moments of our life so mindfully!
    i look forward to seeing your mary garden grow, and glow.

  6. Lisa, your garden is going to be amazing. I'm not a great planner either, but I think some of the best things come from just digging in (in your case, actually digging in!). Can't wait to see the finished garden! xox

  7. Oh it is going to be just marvelous when you complete. I can hardly wait to see it. ::hugs::

  8. I love how your mind works! What a marvelous idea. xx

  9. Working with the earth to make a beautiul meditative Mary garden,
    will be a blessing beyond measure for you. Gardening is soulful,
    grounding and another opportunity for divine inspiration.

  10. I caught my breath when I saw this, Lisa. A Rosary Garden - oh to have the space for such. But necessity is the mother of invention and I'm thinking the lattice wall of my succulent garden has a possibility. Bless you in your own efforts and thank you for the inspiration.

  11. I have never seen a rosary garden or a Mother Mary garden at all. This is so inspirational Lisa. I just love it..yours may be the most original garden I've ever seen! Please show progress later in summer. All I can think to add is WOW!

  12. What a lovely idea ! So everyday sacred. Love that.
    Enjoy your creation process, Lovely One !

  13. What a terrific idea. Will keep it in mind for our new home since we are in the midst of house hunting.


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