10 May 2013

Haiku my Heart

She hides here so well
even the room forgets her.
Simply being "she"

My studio,
my haven,
my heaven.


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  1. oh kindred spirit,
    i so relate to your love of solitude. your haiku is true north. even the room forgets her. love this line, and this feeling of being so swept away in the heart of creating that no one knows where the painting begins and the painter ends.
    perfect oneness.

  2. I love that you have this heavenly haven in this world. We all need one, don't we ? Happy weekend and happy Monther's day, oh She of wonderful things !

  3. I love how you've made the photo look so magical. Your studio is lovely.xx

  4. Oh She isn't hiding at all! She is beautiful but quietly at peace!Trembling

  5. what a great place to spend your time with Mary.

  6. Lovely photo and exudes, depth, creativity and love ~ You haiku are very expressive of how we all feel at times, some more than others ~ Yes, it seems we have lots in common ~ so glad you are you!
    And 'Our Lady' is with us always ~ namaste, Carol

    So good to have you visit ~ love to have you here ^_^

  7. Truly blessed are those who have a haven!

  8. "My studio,my haven, my heaven." This is how I feel about my home. Just so very lovely ♥

  9. I can so realate to getting lost in my studio...and maybe even the space "forgetting" me, since it's so normal to be there. Such an interesting perspective!

  10. I sttod still in this room for a long time....lost .. watching 'Her' there quietly...no, she won't know... because he 'being' inspires others just to 'BE' here.. It is one of the most beautiful haiku I have read in many days....thank you Priti.Lisa..


  11. A special place, a sunny spot where a thousand smiles and tears should be in hiding there!! A shelter full of contentment!!

  12. Coming to your blog is always a delight... seeing your smiling face in between the faces of your header alone makes me smile! LOVE the photo and haiku too - it feels 'save' and peaceful...

  13. So eloquently written and yet simply put.


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