03 May 2013

Haiku my Heart~The Red Thread

 27" x 8" acrylic on wood canvas

She talks to herself
a conversational voice.
It spooks the others.

I do this.
They ask me,
I say,
"Nothing, just talking to myself."

They suspect I am crazy.
What if I told them the truth?
I could say,
"I was talking to my painting!"

I expect they would be convinced.

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for Haiku my Heart.


  1. I always have conversations with myself, out loud!

  2. Your paintings speak to me, so I can imagine a lengthy conversation. Why not? and while you are at it I send you and your art my adoration.

  3. Only when it starts spooking you do you have problems! :)

    Scattered Stars

  4. Not crazy at all ! Just in touch with the spirit of creation. What could be better? Your painting is wonderfully windy and sweetly spiritual, Beautiful Lisa.
    Big HUgs !

  5. You have plenty of company in people who talk to themselves. Art definitely speaks and I can imagine the artist speaking to their art and even receiving answers...in how you proceed with the next stroke. Lovely thought to express.

  6. I LOVE that you talk to your paintings and those faces look like they talked back too... not crazy, no! Have a bright and happy weekend!

  7. I can identify!!! I think if I talk to myself perhaps I can hear myself "think"!! Enjoyed this post!!! Have a grand day Cathy

  8. Wonderful 'red thread' painting and delightful haiku ~ hope you 'listen' to yourself as well, so important ^_^

  9. Oh Thank goodness I'm not the only one who talks to myself!! Haiku My Heart Dancing

  10. I am convinced that all the best people talk to themselves.........
    It seems you are in good company.....
    Love your painting!!

  11. The art work is heavenly and the engrossing work is really arousing!! It holds the attention completely that one becomes so oblivious of all else around!! It is always a pleasure to visit your blog!!

  12. I would eavesdrop. You never know where you will find the verbal pearls.

  13. Great artwork and loved the haiku.

  14. my darling priti,
    i love your red thread...and my gold thread; how sweetly we are tied together! your painting is beautiful, perhaps the conversation you share is the elixir of love. perhaps it is the stuff dreams are made of!

  15. Oh...don't we all talk to ourselves and our artwork??? LoVE, LOvE, LoVe the Red Thread...want, want, want a piece of yours someday!!!

  16. Awesome, girl! That's all I can say. Just awesome! All of it.


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