20 May 2013

Mornings with Mary

Her Majesty. Queen of Heaven and Earth.

 Actually, it isn't morning anymore,
but I wasn't home at the right time...hopefully late is better than never.
This is a page I did in my friend Stephanie's art book.

Stephanie chose purple as her color theme...
I have a hard time with purple,
but I am getting used to it---ish.

I took these pictures without a care as to what was on my desk
the only question I have is about the light bulb
(I didn't even know it was there til I looked at the picture)

This last page is full of paint chips
that I lifted from the paint aisle.
Free art supplies are always happiness!
Wouldn't it be a fun job to name colors?
...gleeful joy, purple cloak, sweet violet...
These were the winning names for me...and there are those 
pre-cut windows! 
I am getting used to purple,
and I suspect my friends are getting used to me
and always
I sneak her in...
 in any color :)
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  1. Love that you have a light bulb on your table. Probably that's where you get your bright ideas. I have a few layers of projects on my table too. Stephanie's pages are awesome!!!!

  2. dear sweet you,

    it is never too late to share mary! this is gorgeous. i love the way you used two full pages that open up to crown mary. so thoughtful, devoted and endearing. your stephanie is truly blessed to receive such beauty from the heart and hands of you!

  3. A stunning entry! I just love the beauty and the way it all fits together! Your studio looks amazing! Such fun to see into the life of a kindred spirit! I loved your comment about being a nun :D

  4. :) I sometimes end up posting things at night as well so it's definitely better late than never!!
    Gorgeous work sister! Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comment
    Blessed Be!

  5. I love purple ! And how perfect a color for Mary's majesty !
    You are so good, Lisa. I love the heart and love you put into your art work so much.
    Sending big love your way, Beautiful One.

  6. I love the Mary you put in Stephanies book. It looks to me like you are very comfortable with purple,
    and Mary seems to be as well.

  7. Hilarious, glad to hear that i am not the only one lifting paint chips, not to mention those wonderful marble texture swatches - colours i will probably highly consider painting my studio in one day :-) and good - all these perfect studios i see in photo so wodnerful once again a bit of chaos is the norm in creativity! the light bulb LOL!

  8. Your journal pages have taken a twist to "over the top." I just love Mary and the hand and the paint colors. Wow! I have to be honest, I swipe the paint color chips too!

  9. Just lovely, that's all I can say. Oh, I love purple...I use it a lot in my artwork. Have a great week and hope to catch you again later.


  10. Oh, how exquisite she is--and how delightful to see her and other journals tucked in with your work-in-progress supply. I didn't post until today myself and now I'm commenting. Yes, late is much better than never.

  11. well... I understand about purple... being a brown girl myself... but it is wonderful ...all of it and the paint chips are fab... I personally think they are making them bigger just so we will use them in our art!

  12. well I understand about purple, being a brown girl ... but it is wonderful and the paint chips are inspired... I personally think they are making them larger so we will use them in our art!

  13. A couple years ago, I never ever used purple. I just couldn't figure out what to do with the color. But, now I use it in faces, and it makes a great undertone, and builds up layers. I use it for backgrounds, too. I LOVE it!! :) You did a great job using it as backgrounds. Looks fab!! Yay!! It will grow on you, I bet..if you give it a chance.

  14. Purple is so close to blue, and also perfect for Mary. I LOVE your Mary and she would look beautiful in any color! Serene and divine!
    Yes, we had two purple journals in a row...took some getting used to for me, but now I am reaching for purple more often.
    I love to go to Lowes and purloin paint chips! It feels like you are being sneaky, but you know you won't get in trouble! Plus they are very inspirational.
    Maggie ♥

  15. haha...you always make me laugh. I actually love seeing your table like this. It lets me know I am not the only one who has a messy table when I am working on something. The light bulb is funny, though. Stephanie is going to love this! Mary looks regal and I love her face. She is beautiful! I also am loving that you are using more and more textured papers under your paintings. It adds so much depth. xo

  16. I'm late, late, late visiting. . . and so glad I finally came. Delicious visual feast to go with my morning cuppa chai.

  17. Hi Miss Pritia. Hope you are doing well. I think the light bulb must have given you great ideas. Look what you've accomplished. Purple is an awesome color, I love it. I was just at Hope Depot getting color chips as well. We will be painting the living room. We're painting it a softer color this time. Right now its like a yellow. Wonderful work as always. Hope life is treating you the best. Take care. Thanks for accepting the invite. I probably will just close the blog at night. Take care.

  18. Your contribution to the book is beautiful. I do like purple, I seem to go to the cool color side of the spectrum most frequently.


  19. Oh what an amazing surprise to stop by and see your pages for ME!!! I love, love, LOVE them so very much- thank you for my own Mary and the paint chip heaven is wonderful too. Thank you SO very much!

  20. I love your Virgin Mary artwork. I'm like you and incorporate Mary into many of my art creations. She is my favorite art topic; I absolutely adore her. Keep up the great work!


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