06 May 2013

Mornings with Mary~The Handmaid

framed wood panel 25 x 19"
(sorry for the glare)

Wouldn't you love to have a dress like my Handmaiden has?

I think I will always have some regret
about my 'F' in sewing class.


Loving-ly linked to Rebecca
for Mornings with Mary


  1. When you have such artistic talent, you should never regret anything. This is superb! xx

  2. Your handmaiden and her dress are lovely. Such creativity you have within you. Guess what. I too, made an "F" in sewing....lol, but an "A" in art. Now, how can that be? ;)

  3. you are so amusing and delightful. i wish we were neighbors. yes, just imagine that!
    loving this dress to inspire all dresses. you paint it, i'll sew it!

  4. What a beautiful piece. Yes, I'd like to have that dress. Lets see... art work, transfer, cut, sew. That's a lot of work, maybe I'll just admire your version.


  5. no regrets bella!! wonderfully creative piece! xox

  6. All of the Marys' faces incorporated into one place-superb. Yes, a dress like this one would be so fun to wear-a cafetan or even a robe would work. Even an apron-although I don't wear those. I'll bet since you can do everything else, you can sew as well. Just the thought of Lisa sewing gets me excited. The creations would be out of this world, as is all of your art.


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