14 June 2013

Haiku my Heart♥ Gray in PA

Morning billowed in,
like a widow's dress
hung, fading on a clothesline.

If I didn't live here
and was just dropped in from a spaceship
(and sometimes I think I was)
I would think it November.
The cold, dismal, rainy days
do not belong to June.
The leaves are yellow
and falling from the trees
along with the unripe walnuts.
The wind gusts
and then, suddenly stops
and the air just hangs

It's like living in a submarine
or a dirty snowglobe.

No art to share this week.

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  1. It's been so hard to feel the Spring this year. Every moment of sunshine has my head tilting up towards Ole Sol trying to catch a ray or two. Just like the plants. I was gone for nary more than 48 hours and saw 18" of growth from some flowers in my yard that come up every year, when I saw nothing but a green sprout from the earth when I left. Something is happening.
    I love the photo. I remember my Grandmother wearing black dresses every day after Grandpa passed away. Must be an Italian thing, eh?
    Your haiku grabbed me, especially along with that photo.
    Hope all is good with you.


  2. your haiku is so profoundly moving. you have gathered all the grey, and surely in doing so the sun will find a way in!
    i need to know about your photograph, and those dresses...please tell me more!

  3. A very 'atmospheric', melancholic and bit of a sad post today... the photo is gorgeoug. I do hope the weather will improve in your corner of the world. These are indeed scary times....

  4. Great power in this one. Excellent.

  5. I too find your photo hauntingly beautiful. Your haiku is beautiful and thought provoking as well and could be describing the Seattle area these past few days. I agree with Marit......it's scary......

  6. Well I believe you have shared an amazing bit of art this week. Our weather is changing, don't know how anyone can doubt that. You are deluged with rain and we are so dry and hot the state is burning.

    take care

  7. This photo struck me and then the words and then your words, so moving.

  8. This is art. It is moving and full of angst.
    Your words conjure up gothic images.
    Love how the air hangs dripping like widows dresses.
    Da bomb!
    Hope the sun shines bright like you do very SOON!

  9. I love this weather post. Grey is the feeling of June in 2013 throughout the NE. You have conveyed exactly the way I feel.

  10. No art to share? But the clothes hanging in the dismal weather are art!

    Ripening Seeds

  11. The photo is amazing. I ate the haiku with a silver teaspoon. I suspect, like me, you're solar powered.

  12. magical photo and words like honey make my mouth water... oh and so true.. until today that is when the shy sun decided to shine.... xox

  13. what an impact your photo and haiku have! I hope the grey skies fade away soon and the sun blooms in full power!

  14. I love this photo! And your words complement it perfectly.

    Better days are coming. You got the stormy gray skies a day after we did. It was very un-seasonable. Today, which you should get Tomorrow (confusing, I know), was SPECTACULAR!!! Enjoy the weekend!

    Maggie ♥*~*♥

  15. air dripping - great words together.


  16. You are the infusion of beauty and poetry itself...

  17. All you have to do is close your eyes and picture the sunshine, and it will be yours. Then, pick up your pen again and the poetic sunshine words will flow easily. :)

  18. This to shall pass, I live the deep south where weekly, daily rain is a common place. But like you the grayness when the sun doesn't shine zaps me of all creativity. It's a challenge but Our Lady will always send sun rays. I love your new Blessed Mother statue and you racked up with the bases. I am a first time visitor but I will be back. Kathy

  19. Oh how I wish I lived where you do. It's been humid, and either over 100F or close to 100F every day here. We just had a storm roll in last night, so finally it's cooler today, but not for long.

    I've always had a thing for clothesline photos. There was a photographer who did a whole series a few years back, and I found it fascinating. I guess she either used a high power lens, or went onto strangers' properties? lol It was a fabulous series, tho. I wish she had kept it up online, so I could send you a link.

  20. Oh wow I love how all the words go together here so eloquently.

  21. Sorry your weather has been so ugly. I have to say "living inside a dirty snow globe" was a great image though and made me laugh.



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