21 June 2013

Haiku my Heart♥ Summer Solstice

Follow me, she said.
I am the song of your heart
Your truest virtue.

On this summer solstice,
I woke before the birds and thought about truth.
About integrity of self.
About the connection,
the vibration of all life.
The truth is
I don't know much.
But I do feel,
and I honor my feelings.

I feel the possibility
of everything 
that is good.

I feel comforted
and taken care of
by the universe.

I feel blessed
and bless-ed.
I am in love with life
all the good
that it holds.

'Blessing'  16x20" acrylic on canvas

Blessed Be,

Loving-ly linked to Rebecca and friends.


  1. Ah, you fill up my heart, Priti One.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit and heart so generously, through your words, your art and your love of life.
    Happy Solstice !

  2. We are blessed. I feel your words deeply.
    Everything is as it should be.

  3. Beautiful heart of Mary. Love the texture...love your words...love Mary.....your art touches my heart.

  4. I feel blessed to know you, share your art and your heart here in the circle of friends. :~)xxx

  5. and your post makes my heart so very happy... xoxo

  6. you post makes my heart sing! I love the green eyes of Mary' I could get lost in their beauty. and the texture... my fingers are itching to feel it!

  7. Yes you are blessed and God Bless You again amiga. Love your work and words. Love your yard too.:)

  8. Thank you for touching my heart with your heart and for reminding me that I am comforted by the universe!Haiku My Heart Filled with Song

  9. Both painting and words beyond beautiful.
    meaninging post to me!

  10. Awesomely beautiful. I wish I could have your positive and trusting outlook on life. I think Ms. Mary shines within you.

  11. song of the heart sounds so lovely. Beautiful art. I love her eyes and lips.


  12. Hiya..it's me again. Came back simply to thank you for your sweet and thoughtful, encouraging words. And.....I would never be bored with cicada stories. They are interesting litte insects, well..big insects, and like gma says, remind us of hot summer evenings. Love that big Mary heart. It's a painting in it's own. xo

  13. Now I feel comforted by your blogpost... thank you! Have a nice weekend, hug from Holland

  14. A beautiful post, a beautiful painting...you are beautiful too!!! Mary's eyes are so kind and loving, she looks like she can reach us and touch us with her eyes.
    It's good to think about blessings as often as we can. I feel so blessed that you are my friend!

  15. Happy Summer Solstice. I know I'm late but my wishes are sincere.


  16. This is absolutely divine in every sense of the word ♥

  17. Oh gosh, I haven't visited in so long and your art just continues to be more and more breathtaking. This is gorgeous. xx

  18. so beautiful Lisa this is the essence of the meditation I taught this past week on retreat.

  19. The eyes of your lady in the painting are so kind, so loving. Your words are healing and gentle. Thankyou Priti for a beautiful post.xx

  20. thank you for your living prayer. so much love, light, truth and beauty within you. every time you let it out, it's like a new master piece is born! xoxoxox

  21. I'm sure others have commented on the penetrating eyes that you have painted. This piece is beautiful. Shine on with your art, love, prayers and poetry Lisa.

  22. Your portrait of the Virgin Mary is stunning. Beautiful work!


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