07 June 2013

Haiku my Heart♥

Her beauty is strength
and her laughter like water
Guardian of life.

This painting was inspired by a childhood prayer:

Angel of God,
my guardian dear,
to whom God's love commits me here,
ever this day be at my side,
to light and guard,
to rule and guide.

then the painting wrote the poem.

Her hands hold a heart.

Her eyes are a portal.

Acrylic on wood panel in carved wood frame 19 x 25"

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  1. so beautiful Lisa! I especially love "her hands hold a heart" and that they indeed do:-)

  2. my darling friend,
    always a sacrament of beauty shared so generously from your heart and hands to us.

  3. I love it. So awe inspiring. The bottom of her dress is wonderful......as is her halo

  4. What a beautiful painting! I love the way her fingers form a heart.

  5. Every part of her speaks to me...I love that she's in detention!
    Your work is some of my favorite of all-time...seriously!!!

  6. Beautiful haiku and great pictures.

  7. I am long overdue to visit here and I am rewarded with another beautiful image. The haiku is smooth. I love the reference of her laughter being like water, as water is indeed the essence of life itself. Without it, there would be no life. Guardian of all that lives. Very cool. Hope all is good with you. Sorry I've been away so long. Wonderful to see you.


  8. I can see into the portal of her eyes. Pure bliss.

  9. oh, Lisa, her eyes speak to me of love. I love the way it seems that you layered the paint on the walls behind her.

  10. These paintings and words are so beautiful. I love the idea of 'her laughter like water.' Heavenly!Haiku My Heart Sunny

  11. Such a beautiful journey through the story of the painting with your lovely words.

  12. How beautiful it is here, sweet One. So much peace, grace, and spirit.
    I hope your weekend is full of tender love and fun.

  13. Such a beautiful piece, i have really missed seeing all your wonderful work, the texture is absolutely scrumblicious! If it's not a word, it should be!

  14. that prayer is my mantra, lovely, just lovely!!!

  15. Your words and painting give me strength to start my day, thank you!

  16. When I was a small child my mother gave me a huge book at bed-time with illustrated angels, and poems ~ "Mathew, Mark, Luke and John bless this bed that I lay on", I always felt protected, I often wish I had that book! Your art is inspirational and reminds me of my book, thank you! x

  17. This piece is very holy and illuminating. Beautiful and captivating work.

  18. Stunning. Thanks for showing the close up of the texture at the bottom of her dress and for sharing your childhood poem.


  19. The work of your art and work of your words blend beautifully.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your kindnesses.


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