03 June 2013

Mornings with Mary...and lots of other stuff

 This post will have lots of pictures
and little narration,
a sort of picture-book story
of my life these past few weeks.

Since it is Monday, 
I will start with

 We saw this shrine close to the edge of the road.
Naturally we had to stop and look.
It is a road we often travel,
so it must be new, surely I would have noticed it before...how wonderful!

... also wonderful...a surprise in the mail!
These vibrant hand-made prayer flags from my artist friend
and then,
the next day...

the mailbox had another surprise...
from a different Kim-friend!
These Mary, Queen of Angels cards,
Be Strong was the first card I drew after blessing them.
They are really beautiful cards,
I draw one before I begin working.
As you can see, I am working on a lot of things at once....
something I don't usually do, 
I prefer to finish one thing before beginning another.

This art journal belongs to a friend...
we have a very relaxed way of working and sending.
It's just between the two of us,
so no deadlines, no boundaries.

 I found all of these Infant of the Prague statues 
in the Goodwill Thrift Shop!
I could barely contain my glee!!
The most wonderful things happen to me all of the time...

like these roses from our garden...

and this whiskey barrel fountain~
a gift from our neighbors.
Life is grand, is it not?

Last week we marched on the State Capitol steps
against Monsanto.
It is always up-lifting to know
there are people like you in the world.

Mia is graduating from her dance company this month.
 The final concert is Sleeping Beauty.
I had to make 2 advertisements for the program.
One for the Barbershop:

and one for Priti Studio:

I am not ashamed to say
it took me one entire day to create these.
I have a lot of respect for graphic artists,
it ain't easy!

I have also been painting...
but I will save that for another day.

I hope your life is
over-flowing with wonderfull-ness too.
I believe if you concentrate on the good,
it will soon over-shadow the unpleasant.
Please join us with our loving host, Rebecca at recuerda mi corazon


  1. good morning my most blessed and shining friend!
    oh this is a lovely post teaming with happiness, love, light and priti wisdom. congratulations to mia!
    (and to her amazing mom xoxo)
    love too the mary queen of angel cards, i did not know about them!
    i love your latest "gifts from the universe" generously waiting at the goodwill just for you!
    thanks for your kind words on my post this morning,
    yesterday was my birthday and i always see that as a personal beginning of a New Year, so it just felt right to begin at the beginning, falling in love with mary!

    i love you dear friend, thanks for your fierce love rooted firmly in my heart

  2. such a post full of loveliness! you hit the jackpot at Goodwill, that's for sure. if only those unaware knew what they had bypassed. keep sharing, dear artiste, I love your gift.

  3. Could it be lots of good karma coming back full circle? You are receiving what you send out...lots of light and love. Happy for you , happy for Mia, happy for the Infants of Prague....that they found such a good home. I am so proud of you for marching!!! I had another commitment so couldn't, but next time!!!!

  4. I enjoyed all your photos and art. I just hung prayer flags in my garden after visiting Sedona where prayer flags were a common and calming sight. Blessings to you.

  5. Beautiful gifts and your statues are going to look beautiful in your garden or in your home. Looks like you have been a busy bee. Love that shrine and speaking of shrines, I am going to work on mine tomorrow after the doctor visit. It needs work out there and I too have new statues to add to the shrine. Love your post and enjoy all your work as always.

  6. always overflowing with wonderfulness... YES IT IS!! and so glad to know your life is overflowing too! xoxo

  7. Life is most grand. Thanks be that you have been blessed with all of this grandeur.
    Congratulations to Mia, the grandest of all.
    Yes think on the good.
    What you focus on expands.

  8. What an amazing week you've had Lisa! It makes my head spin!! AND I am very jelly of those Infant of Prague statues! have a blessed week!

  9. Thankyou for sharing such a lovely post. A visit to your blog always cheers me.xx

  10. Good Grief you have been busy! I would be totally worn out with all that. But your accomplishments are awesome, as always. You have given me an idea. I too have some Doreen Virtue cards, not Mary, but just angels. Maybe if I draw one before I start painting, I will have better luck with it. I am going to try that and see what happens. Congrats to Mia. Her success, you know, is due to loving parental upbringing! I believe that! xo

  11. Isn't that true! There are so many wonderful things in our lives, we all have the responsibility to pay attention them. I love your perspective Lisa it's brightened my day, thank you! Your journal work is stunning, as always, and you definitely have talent as a graphic designer! And a huge well done to Mia! x

  12. This whole post just kept me smiling. One delight after another. Congratulations to Mia.


  13. I feel like I tagged along with you in your sacred routine. I checked out IM girl, fantastic, and I'm in awe of the synchronicity of finding all those Infants of Prague at the thrift shop. And the art journals: nothing short of magnificent--and inspirational.

  14. Ooohhh! Little Mia! What a living doll. I love your art and yellow roses and what fantastic neighbors you must have to gift you with such a lovely fountain. Don't you just love the trickle of water sound? It is one of my favorites along with wind chimes. Your designs look fabulous, too! <3


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