10 June 2013

Mornings with Mary...when you visit...

I inherited this statue of Mary from my dad.
She now has this *perfect* cement pedestal to stand on,
rescued from the neighbor's pile 
of treasures they don't want.

Although it rains 6 days a week,
the sun was shining yesterday and I took some pictures...

This is the porch 
in front of our garage.
I re-painted it 
and a lot of old crap,
and now look how fun it is!

of course I repainted Our Lady of Guadalupe too 

When you come to visit,
will you choose to sit here?
we could have a glass of wine.

 or here?
for a game of scrabble.

I love mirrors outside.
I made this one from an old window.
If it isn't raining
we could sit under the walnut tree...

and tell the angel our secrets.

(she has a new pedestal too)

Or maybe,
when you visit,
you will want to get your hands dirty...

and help me with the rest of the jungle.

Loving-ly linked to recuerda mi corazon
for Mornings with Mary.

Have a happy-full week.


  1. Wonderful! I will play scrabble, and have a glass of raspberry tea please, else I will fall asleep if you feed me wine.

    I will just watch while you do the gardening. :)xo

  2. It all looks great, I love that you have so many seating areas. I would love to bring some wine, work a bit in the garden, then have a sit down on your porch, put our feet up... and pour a glass.........

  3. Priti! Where do you live???? I want to come visit. And maybe STAY!!!! LOL But in all seriousness, you have created a wonderful sanctuary for yourself and your loved ones. Blessings to you.

  4. Oh Lisa, how beautiful everything is. I'm so happy for you and yours in that your home is a blessing. Is it not?! Of course it is. I love your new home and what you are doing with it. It so is you. Beautiful and thank you very much. Ah, I will sit and play scrabble, one of my favorite games and of course I will sip a little wine and then perhaps walk around the yard and enjoy your happiness and maybe, just maybe, work with you on a little of your garden. My knees hurt so I'll stand and point the finger at where the plant should go, you bend and put the plant in. TeeHee.:))) Have a wonderful day and thanks again for a wonderful post.

  5. How meaningful to have your dad's Our Lady among all your other lovely ones. And thanks for the pictures you took yesterday. I just love all the colors and how you repurpose stuff left behind, as I do. Perhaps I will visit one day. Who knows? I have met many of my cyberfriends in person over the years.

  6. I know I thanked you for last week's reading from your Oracle cards, but I want to thank you again. That meant so much to me.

  7. Oh I would love to visit! and have a glass of wine and a game of scrabble! it all looks so calm and peaceful and inviting and I just love the colour of that door!! I have started with a rosary garden after being inspired by your prompt - when it stops raining here (it is winter) I will post some pics. have a blessed week

  8. seriously lisa, you are the master of repainting... xoxo

  9. Everything looks charming and inviting...
    That peaceful green is one of my favorite colors.
    Many blessings to you and all who visit
    your lovely home.
    I'll have wine in the garden.

  10. Just the repainting of Our Lady of Guadalupe is amazing to me. The energy and creativity it took to redo it all. Looks so inviting and lovely. I adore the statue inherited from your Dad. She's beautiful!

  11. you have such an assortment of lovely and serene zones in which one could sit, relax and feast one's eyes! (oh, if I lived nearby.) and a glass of wine would top it off just fine. and I love what your sign says, so true, I believe!

  12. dear one,
    today was my all day in the infusion center. i visit each and everyone of you many times during this long day. now that i am home i can let you know what a blessing you all are in my life. certainly each one of you has brightened my day. and being such a long one i had the honor of trying out every seat and i found the best one was always the one next to you.

  13. Oh yes I most certainly would love to sit in your beautiful porch with you! I love the colour you've painted it and and your statues fill your home with serenity and love. I think I'll pass on the gardening though if it's all the same to you! ;) xx

  14. love coming to your house for a glass of vino and a rest under the walnut tree as we admire your lovely new pedestals and all your fine work... sigh xoxo

  15. Hi Priti One! I am on my lunch hour and I have been resting on your porch and de-cluttering my mind from the week. Thank you for your lovely tour and a place to rest my mind. It was quite peaceful and relaxing. I am sure I will be back soon. XO


  16. By the door with the Guad. . . . margarita in hand. Cheers!


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