01 July 2013

A Quiet Morning with Mary

 These are the pages I did for Kim
in her art journal
"Red, Pink & Orange"

my bedroom

Loving-ly linked to Mornings with Mary



  1. How did you know I was wishing for a cupcake? These pages are perfect for Kim. Don't you LOVE her book? I really like the door you made with our Lady peeking through. Fantastic.

  2. what a beauty you are! and in your lovely bedroom... very beautiful pages, and the hand with the love sign is inspired... xoxo

  3. Each journal page is a stand alone work of art...........
    and.......yes please, a cupcake............or two!:)

  4. You are surrounded day and night with love from your Mary. I know it brings you joy and peace.

    Awesome journal pages! And, thank you for bringing your spiritual love to my blog.

  5. I love all the detail. It is so, so gorgeous and full of meaning - just wonderful work

    PS sorry if you got this twice - I hit something wrong on the keyboard and it all went funny!

  6. Happy Monday morning! The book with words about your Grandmother is gorgeous. The pages for your friend Kim are perfect. Last and certainly not least, it was great to see you in your bedroom surrounded by the things you love.


  7. dear one,

    due to the devastating tragedy in our home town i am honoring those brave souls who lost their lives working diligently to protect others. i invite you to link this beautiful offering next week when i will open my blog again to mornings with mary.
    today is a time for prayers and tears.
    thank you for understanding the enormity of our loss.

  8. Lisa, I don't even know how to properly respond. I love your pages so much! Each one is
    Touches my heart. I was so hoping for "Mary" pages from you and you so out did
    Yourself! I am just giddy over the door and the story of your grandmothers
    Name! The Mary pages are stellar, love all the bits and collage work, Mary's
    Hand and sign.... LOVE. Did I ever tell you that I so admire how well you print? your lettering
    Is always so perfect. Last but not least, that is so me wishing I could eat those yummy creative
    Cupcakes! I could go on and on, so I will just say, Thank you for my lovely pages, I
    Can't wait to see them! I love your bedroom... I spy...a beautiful chandelier shining
    Light on all your Mary's and I see my card on your mirror... Hugs!

  9. Gee Lisa, those pages are completely over the top! Love the 3-d and interesting writings. The picture of your bedroom does not surprise me. I just knew it would look serene and charming with Mother Mary everywhere and of course, you in your lovely dress.

  10. Morning is beautiful in your Soul Home, Lisa.
    Big love to you !

  11. Oh my gosh, your blog is beautiful! I have loved my visit this morning, seeing your beautiful home and your exquisite works of art.

  12. Those pages are really divine!!! I love that dressing table and of course all those vintage statues!! Such inspiration thank you thank you for sharing! Love

  13. Kim will adore the vibrant colours, texture, layers and dimension! Really gorgeous pages with their collated mix of art and writing. Beautiful!!
    Kat Xx

  14. So happy to have found your art throght Lynne Hoppe. I am sure to spend a lot of time looking through everything. Your colors are so happy.

  15. Hello sweet Lisa, so good to be back over here. I've missed you! I loved the pages you created and the glimpse of your room. The picture of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux is one of my favorites... Just seeing her face... always moves my heart, it truly does, as do you. XO

  16. Lisa, Kim's gorgeous journal has arrived safely and I have the pleasure of seeing your pages in person now. They are wonderful - full of richness, detail and complexity! My favorite parts I think are the window - I love the glimpses through when you turn the page - and your story. Like Kim I love your lettering and would recognize it anywhere - you've created your very own typeface!
    PS my next mission is to get at least one room in my house that reflects my tastes and personality as well as your bedroom reflects yours! x

  17. Oh how beautiful!! As well as your bedroom! Loved it all.

  18. Gorgeous pages! And I love the "Mary" theme!

  19. missing you priti one,
    hope you are enjoying each unfolding new day and that everything is right as rain in your world.

  20. Oh wow! What a wonderful journal!

  21. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I love your vibrant colors Lisa. I also love the little peek a boo shot of your lovely self in the mirror of your gorgeous dressing table :)

    xx Jaime


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