19 July 2013

Haiku my Heart♥

Shine small, sacred one.
There is no difficulty
not of your making.

My newest painting:
25 inches square
mixed media on canvas

A self-portrait of sorts.

detail...who do you see in the "window"

click the pictures for better viewing...
I was told not to enlarge them for my blog.

The weather, this past week,
is exactly like being in a sauna...
so hard to accomplish anything when it is
100 degrees with 100% humidity.
It is hard to stay awake.
Body parts seem to glue themselves to each other.
Thigh to thigh
breasts upon ribs
hands resembling webbed feet.
It is better than winter.


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  1. Love the painting, truly I do. Story, and secret, within itself. You are indeed the pritiest of all Lisa's. I can't tell you how much I cherish the mermaid. I am working on a piece to send your way. These things take time, especially when our weather mimics yours, hot and humid. I'm on the motorcycle today for some wind in my face. Thanks for sharing this with us all.

    Peace to you

  2. Beautiful and thoughtful work...as usual! I love what you do, so well! With the heat and humidity - there is no way to feel like getting anything accomplished...I like/agree with your reference to glue!

  3. oh what a joy to have you return to us as i miss
    you, your charm and wit when you are away.
    yes, better than winter!!!
    love that, the ability to count ones blessings even when
    melting in the wet heat of summer!

    gorgeous painting, gorgeous you!

  4. I so love and admire your art as always.
    Just once I would like to turn on the weather report and hear the words...
    today it is so hot and muggy your "breasts will be sticking to your ribs"......

  5. Ms. Priti, this is awesome. Love, love this painting. And she is protected because there are no curtains on that window and Mary's love is shining in. What a creative work.

  6. No way do you shine small sacred one.
    Your light shines on all of our hearts.


  7. LOvely, she looks so innocent.


  8. Definitely better than winter but I am loving my ac ! And the beach though crowed was awesome with cooling breezes and cool water to refresh.
    I hope you get some creating energy soon because the world needs more of the beauty you bring to it !

  9. Beautiful painting and love the colors used!! So soothing to the eyes!! But the sad girl seems to be chained to her thoughts and in deep contemplation!! Innocent she is!!

  10. so well done .... I love the mood , the composition ....... it's beautiful and interesting Lisa !

  11. beautiful paintings...lovely words!

  12. So beautiful Lisa... I see all hope and possibility in that window... and whether or not I look up... it shines down on us all, no matter what... We don't get humidity very often here in CA, but when we do... I just don't see how anyone can do anything in that kind of weather! So this has even more meaning for me, this beautiful portrait of you... XO

  13. You mean all of my difficulties were made by me? Oh, no! Woe is me!

    Barbs of Loneliness

  14. A remarkable painting, Lisa. I see prayer, penitence, and praise.

  15. Your painting is simply understated and wonderful. Your words are stated just perfectly as well. You have chosen exactly the right ones in describing last week's humidity. I love how you are able to put verse and paintings together in such harmony Lisa.


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