26 July 2013

Haiku my Heart♥

In this world so brash
Sometimes I wish to vanish.
The Cheshire Cat.

I like this poem with its gentle
shushing sounds.
In this world so loud
so busy
so intense
a girl needs
some amulets
some crystals
some protection.

No matter how hard I try to hide,
the world comes 
crashing in

In a world so indifferent
a girl needs

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  1. Being the other gender, I never thought of jewelry this way. The few baubles I have, dog tags, wedding ring, necklaces made of beads, bones, shells and leather sit in a box, but I know where they are and when I do take time to open the box and share some time with them, I can see that I have had the feelings you describe so beautifully in your haiku.


  2. {{ if you vanish behind The Looking Glass
    1--enjoy the journey !!
    2--please leave all necklaces marked thus:
    "" please forward these charming bits
    to somepinkflowers
    as she would B most appreciative "" }}

  3. What would we do without our necklaces? :They define us. Beautiful collection

  4. I am smiling like a Cheshire cat and wish you much peace and happiness!! You have a nice collection, a girls best friends close to your heart with many happy reminders entwined in them for you!! :)

  5. Thank you for reminding US Lisa!

  6. I totally feel the same way...details upon details are always weighing us down...dare I say making us crazy? I love the amulet idea and think I'll go find a few for my much needed solace and protection!

  7. These amulets hold your spirit. Hold them close to you. They are you, xo

  8. Lovely charms with personal significance become you.
    Wear them with bravery in this crashing world Ms. Priti.

  9. yes...layers and layers of reminders, the amulets, talisman and intents.

  10. I am totally in love with this whole post, i love the chesire smile, the shushing sounds, the amulets for protection, i so feel the same, the same, the same! I am in the midst of making a talisman necklace myself and hope to finish and post it soon. Mine was going to have a bee charm too, i recently ordered it from esty!

  11. Yes we need those symbols of our strength and our spirit, don't we?

  12. My amulets surround me in my home. Love what you wrote. Such energy giving symbols are definitely needed, in my opinion. For me, each has a special meaning and story. How can we women be denied that pleasure and feeling of loving protection.

  13. Yes, sometimes we need amulets. Great poetry and love the jewelry.

  14. wishing you a very wonderful weekend

    much love...

  15. It's been WAY, way too long since I visited. A computer virus that didn't allow me to leave comments on blogs like yours with embedded comments, prevented me from coming around, because I knew I'd be frustrated when I couldn't tell you how much I loved a painting, or a haiku, or a vignette, or a wonderful photo you shared. So, I gave up coming. Now the virus is fixed and I am back to see you. I was surprised when I visited IA for the first time in nearly a year, and you were gone, along with so many of my other IA friends. A whole new landscape of sorts.

    Although I stopped by just to say hello, I had to stay long enough to enjoy a few previous posts, too. Love them all, including this one. I hope you are having a wonderful day, and the world is being kind to you today and this weekend, too.

  16. Your post and haiku and photos are so true and speak to my heart and soul ~ thanks ^_^

  17. sigh.... such beauty and lovely links of words and images... as always... xoxox

  18. Beautiful words, and amulets, a vision of you.:)::hugs::

  19. my darling one,
    sometimes arriving late in the evening after the morning rush is the sweetest of all.
    for not only am i smitten with all things priti, i am so humbled and pleased with the love expressed so openly from all the haiku visitors.
    dear one, even though we love our solitude fridays are a talisman of generosity and compassion.
    let's wear our love like heaven.


  20. With you on what a girl needs in this world nowadays. I collect some from time to time - bling and reminders :) Love the Lewis words.


  21. Such a lovely way to remind and protect. Surrounded by beauty.



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