30 July 2013

Magical Journal Journey

Well I honestly thought yesterday was Sunday
until I woke up this morning...it's Tuesday!
A day late for Mornings with Mary.

The woman who understands.

Somewhere she waits to make you win,
Your soul in her firm, white hands
Somewhere the gods have made for you,
the Woman who understands.
~Everard Jack Appleton

This is a page I made for Tammy
in her Black, White & Tan Art Journal.
You can see a window on the next page...

And an Angel Spirit I painted especially for Tammy.

The book is already on its way to the UK
where it will skip around for 3 months
before making it way back to the states.

If you have never done collaborative art,
you ought to try...
I get a lot of joy seeing all of my friend's artwork in person.
Pictures are great,
but holding and touching it...
you can really feel the spirit of the artist.



  1. everyday is mary day!
    thank you for extending the joy of this by brightening our morning today. i love your offerings to be held forever in this collaborative collection of love.
    i love you.

  2. Awesome journal pages. Tammy will love! I agree with how nice it must be to hold and touch, so as to feel the spirit of the person who made the artwork. One of these days I will join a traveling art journal. Meanwhile, I enjoy yours and the others I find in my web crawling.

  3. Awesome. Love how that little cut out window frames both the angel and the woman who understands. Beautiful.

  4. Love all your art journal places, Lisa. I visited Tammy's page, too. I did 1001 journals once a long time ago. Maybe it's time to find another collaborative. Thanks for visiting and a day late is great!

  5. good morning! this happens to me once in a while too, both with days and recently the month.
    i love your angel, especially those wings.
    would love to participate in the collaborative.
    let me know.

  6. You made a beautiful contribution to the book. It is indeed different to hold a piece of art in your hands than it is to just see a picture. I'll bet that whole book is amazing.


  7. Lisa, the art journal page is so beautiful and your angel so very special. Love your contribution. I was all mixed up this week. Glad the link was still open today.

  8. Oh Lisa do you know what a hard act you are to follow!! I love these colours anyway and you've used them so beautifully. Your angel is just perfect, I love the print and the way she's looking out through the little window, and the "T" is a lovely touch! x

  9. Gorgeous spirit filled art that Tammy will love!! I adore the angel spirit (I love angel art), your combined use of layers, materials, windows, flaps and paint, as always, inspires me greatly with its imaginative beauty. Love it all! Tammy is sure to treasure your thoughtful lovingly created pages.
    Kat Xx

  10. Today I had two debates with myself. Was it Wednesday or Thursday? Was it the last day of July or 1st day of August? Lol! Thank goodness I have a phone that tells me these things. Love your journal pages. I hope you're having a great art-filled summer.

  11. I love that there is print on the exquisite angel's robe! I find art with words mixed in extremely tantalizing. I'm further behind than you, Dear Heart. I just posted my M with Mary! To

  12. You may have been late for Mary, but she's never late for you! :)

  13. Oh this is gorgeous! I love all the layers of color and texture (her dress is amazing!!) and that one touch of color in her eyes is the perfect finishing element- just incredible!! I'm sad that I won't get to see this on in person, but I know Tammy will LOVE it when it comes home to her.

  14. Lisa, Your artwork and combination of materials etc. is always spot on. Your wording is the icing on the cake!
    "A Woman that understands" PRICELESS!
    If you are a woman who has lived even a fraction of her life, loving, giving, weeping, feeling pain, hurt, joy,...you are most certainly a woman and friend who understands!! Tammy is sure to treasure your pages and your Angel for her! I just wish it was coming my way again to see them up close!

  15. I just found your site today. Tammy's angel is beautiful. I love the color, and textures. I have read back on some of your Mornings with Mary posts--Wonderful! I am heading over to see the beautiful things at your Etsy shop.

  16. Lisa, you always put so much of yourself in your art...this time you have literally put yourself in there. YOU are The Woman Who Understands! You always seem to understand just where we all are physically, spiritually, emotionally at the moment. Tammy will love and appreciate these beautiful pages. I love the way you used her colors. And I'm always in awe of your spiritual figures. So, so beautiful!! ♥♥

  17. Wow, Lisa, This made me cry. I absolutely love these pages! My very own guardian angel made by you. How special! You have no idea how much I needed to see her tonight. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are such a lovely person and fantastic artist. I would love to give you a big hug right now. I will cherish her, Lisa.

  18. Your angel to Tammy is so creative and inspiring. I love the newspaper garment and the halo's looked to be carved from gold. This journal page is truly a masterpiece.


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